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Wednesday, October 31

Scents for the Soul

Making Sense of Scents

Have you ever had the sudden experience of detecting a scent and suddenly you are transported to a time and place in your past? There are many scents that have a strong connection to experiences we have had in the past. We associate the scent with an experience and for that brief and uncontrollable moment our memories evoke a response that can be pleasant or painful. Finding the scent that brings the emotional feeling and connects with our soul is a very personal one for me and there is not just one.

We use fragrance and scents in many products. We often associate the fragrances to feelings of well being and so much advertising is focused on pleasing our sense of smell. The personal preference for the right scent is unique to the individual. The market is saturated with products to choose from and yet we often continue to purchase what is familiar to us. Knowing what pleases you gives you a foundation to try similar but different products.

For me the smell of citrus is a scent that speaks to my soul. Maybe it is the sudden recollection of time spent in California driving along roads where the citrus blossoms just started to open. Another favorite fragrances that immediately take me to the islands with a soft breeze and warm sunshine will lift my spirit on a cloudy day. The effects of vanilla and cinnamon for example have been found to reduce blood pressure and calm us. Lavender can reduce stress hormones in your blood stream. Jasmine is a fragrance that can lift your mood.

Experiment with other elegant aroma's and discover what fits your mood and speaks to your soul. Have a variety of fragrances that can be used for everyday use as well as those special occasions.

Products like perfumes, bath and spa products can be incorporated into our daily routines and enhance our sense of well being. These products may not be essential to life but they are a way that we can pamper and take care of ourselves. Taking time to select a fragrance that makes us smile or feel wonderful about ourselves only takes a few moments but the effect our entire day. Relax soak in a warm bubble bath filled with subtle scents that sooth our soul as a treat at the end of a long day. When I don't have time for that I reach for scented body lotions of some of my favorite scents. Rose is one of my daily scents which help me de-stress form life's chores. Our world is busy and hectic; often mostly out of our control. What we can do for ourselves is to make some time for those special moments that pamper and rejuvenate our soul.

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