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Thursday, January 31

What Are Psychics And Clairvoyants' - Why Are We So Curious?

There seems to be, and apparently always has been, misunderstanding and confusion over the definitions between psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. There are many people who don't know the difference between all of these 'names' that those of us that work with spirit and energy are very appreciative.

So to clear things up for you these are the meanings of:

Psychic - pertaining to mental forces, telepathy, extra sensory perception
Medium - contacting and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead
Clairvoyance - the ability to see things beyond our normal senses
Spirit Guides/ Angels - guidance of spirit from beyond the human veil

It is not so surprising that many people don't know who or what they are letting themselves in for when visiting one of these people, or if they were to go to a workshop for Clairvoyance, would they know what to expect.

Well, I hope that the following explanations, will help you become much clearer on who and what a Psychic, Medium or Clairvoyant is and does. This of course is my interpretation and understanding of all of these areas and like everything in life we have a free will to choose our own way of understanding.

Let's start with explaining about a Psychic. Someone that calls himself or herself a psychic may well be labelling themselves as such because it is stereotypically recognised as someone that can 'read you' and most likely be able to tell you about, your past, present, future and many other things that the Psychic could not possibly have known about you before having your reading. This essentially is correct, but how they do this in the true sense of the word, is that as a Psychic they will have like a 'mental connection' with you and they will also read your energy field, so they will be very sensitive and be able to pick up on your thoughts and energy most of all. In fact we are all Psychic to a certain degree.

There are at least three 'clair' abilities, and they are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

Clairvoyance means to 'clear seeing'. It means that the person that is working with their Clairvoyant ability will be able to see images of people, places or things in their minds eye, they are able to describe these to you during a reading or when giving a message. Therefore Clairvoyance is by definition simply clear seeing, and not seeing into the future.

A good Clairvoyant will, and indeed should, validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in the present. If they cannot interpret messages and guidance from the Spirit Guides, then how would you be able to believe that what they are saying about the future is indeed valid.

From my experience, it is not in our interest to know what will happen in our future life and therefore our Guides usually give information out very carefully. Why, you ask? Because, for example, if I were to tell someone that I could see they were going to move house have another child, win money etc and this person sat back and waited for these changes to occur then I would be interrupting their everyday thinking and way of living. Not, in my opinion a good thing.

Clairaudience means 'clear hearing'. This means that we hear information from Spirit. This might be a person's own Spirit Guide or if working as a Medium, there may be messages received from the Spirit of the loved one that is no longer here. I don't hear it on a physical level, I hear it as a voice in my head as if I were talking to myself silently. Now, as with any of these abilities the non-believers would argue that we're making it all up as we go along. It is our imagination. Well, all I can say is that there is simply a built in radar that indicates when a Spirit Guide is speaking to me. For example; When I have to ask for someone's Guide to come through with their name and to give me a past life reference that would mean something to that person only and they in return are giving me specifics, like names, dates and places and sometimes aliments relating to a client and the client verifies the information. Then I know I'm on track. It is very easy to get carried away for some and unfortunately, these people take away from the genuine Psychics and Mediums.

Clairsentience is where we feel things, or sense things, as the word suggests, it is 'clear sensing'. A Clairsentience usually get this, again when working as a Medium,such as when someone has passed with a certain illness or condition. For a moment they will feel a sensation that would have been felt by the passed over spirit on dying.Or perhaps the sensation of a condition they would have suffered with during their life, and so one can only describe this to the person they are giving a message to. This helps to validate which particular person is coming through from Spirit for the person going for a reading.

Mediums and mediumship are a little more complex to explain, so I hope I can make this easier for you to understand now.

Simply, a medium is someone that 'talks to people that in Spirit'.

To explain further, a medium, by another definition is the 'channel or conduit' by which information from spirit passes through or indeed is the channel through which any energy passes. So for example, if someone called themselves a Clairvoyant Healer, they are in fact, mediums through which the energy flows to our clients and so on...

This then means by its very nature that anyone working with Spirit or energy on any level could be called a medium. A Medium in this sense is then being defined as a 'channel'.

So for someone that calls themselves a clairvoyant/medium, by rights, should be able to describe information received from the spirit world and also to describe visually things that you have experienced in a past life, or even in your current life.

There are 'clairvoyant/mediums' out there, that aren't in fact either of these! They may 'read' people, but they may be reading via their psychic or sentient ability and not actually 'seeing' anything at all, or indeed they may not be able to receive messages from Spirit either. This doesn't mean they aren't good readers, it just means they might not be offering you the sort of reading you were really after. In even instance of you are choosing to arrange an appointment for a reading, it is best to ask your 'reader' how they work, they should always be more than happy to explain it to you not only on the phone or email, but on the day of your appointment. This way, you will be in a good place to understand and accept the information you will receive.

Spirit Guides and Angels are right here for all of us, whatever source of religion we may believe in.

They make no judgements, the religions of our world have no bearing on their love for each and everyone of us.

We all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, regardless of our beliefs, or lack of them. Even totally convinced non believers have them.

In the same way we all have a heart and soul, our standing in life, whether rich or poor. tall or short, angry or happy, dictator or murderer, has no bearing on their dedication to us. We can be sure these wonderful Spirits have been caring for us since before our birth and we can also be sure that at least one of them will stay with us until death and often from one lifetime to the other.

They guide us through our days, helping us to learn our life's lessons and to provide support in fulfilling our soul's Blueprint.

One of the greatest gifts we were blessed with at birth is a 'free will'. This is ours to use as much as we please. Most of the time we make decisions based on what we want 'immediately', but if we listen closely to our inner voice we will soon learn that by following the 'guidance' we receive, our lives can be made much easier.

Our wonderful Guides are always whispering in our ear, creating environments and situations that will be of greater benefit.

I'm sure you have experienced one of these following situations; feeling just right, or experiencing another 'just a coincidence moment' that blows you away, again and again. You know, that feeling of 'déjà vu'. Yes that's right this your Guides and Angels communicating with you. Helping to make the path smoother.Take notice next time.

Our Spirit Guides are the ones who show us past lives that we have lived, often including the one that we had with them. The aim is to learn from the challenging experiences we are told of from our past lives, it is the chance to provide us the opportunity of releasing the blocked memory in this lifetime. In doing so we are bound to move forward with greater confidence.

The most important and highly understood thing understood in working with Spirit and energy is to use the White Light, be as clear a channel as you can possibly be and only ever use these abilities for the highest good of all concerned and only ever with the persons permission.

In Love and Light, Libby Taylor. libbytclairvoyanthealer[at] Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Wednesday, January 30

How To Boost Your Brainpower

The brain is more powerful than any computer. We use less than 10% of our capacity which is why someone once said that the graveyard is the richest place - in it lie all the people who had great potential they never really realised. Here are some tips to boost your brainpower:


A rather picky eater, the brain demands about 60g of glucose every hour. Primarily obtained from recently eaten carbohydrates only in extreme instances of deprivation will the brain use other substances for fuel. For ideal brain function you need to make sure a constant supply of energy to the brain by eating small but more frequent nutritious meals. According to a study by University of Wisconsin, the brain may actually react to excess food as if it were poison! The resulting immune response may cause cognitive deficits.

TIP# Avoid sodas, fizzy drinks and junk foods. Foods that release glucose slowly (eg. Fruits, vegetables & whole grains) give a steady supply of glucose to the brain. Think berries and oily fish these are high in anti-oxidants, walnuts and flax-seeds these are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, both crucial for brain health. Fish also have iodine, which improves mental clarity.


A lot of us often neglect our diet, leading to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. B vitamins play the role of brain chemicals formation such as dopamine, epinephrine, myelin and serotonin each of which plays a role in keeping your brain alert and healthy. Dopamine and serotonin help improve your mood.

Magnesium protects the brain from neurotoxins.Vitamin C and E are crucial anti-oxidants that can intercept free radicals before they affect the brain.An important supplement to consider is ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom extract which has a plethora of health benefits including speeding up metabolism, acting as anti-oxidant, enhancing the immune system and improving brain function.

TIP# Consult your doctor before taking any supplements as some may interfere with absorption of medication you might be taking.


Fact: Exercise helps boost blood flow to the brain, which in turn helps support the efficient working of neurons and regeneration of new ones. Regular exercise increases the size of the hippocampus (yes hippocampus - the part of the brain which plays an important role in learning and memory). All this translates into improved memory, concentration, body-mind co-ordination and lowered risk of degenerative brain diseases.

TIP# Hit the gym, or try 50 minutes of brisk walking three times a week.


We a living in a world with a plethora of gadgets to help us with the simplest and most complex of mental tasks, making our brains lazy. The brain slows down because it is not exercised as often as it could be.

TIP# Challege your brain by using your left hand if you normally use your right, multi-tasking, juggling and playing strategy games. Even keeping up with political shenanigans can boost your brainpower!


The brain can do it's reviewing faster when you are asleep than when you are awake.

TIP# Get 7 hours of sleep daily ( a luxury to most of us). Consider taking a nap during the day. A nap can help solidify long-term memories, such as events or skills you are trying to master. Slow down on alcohol have at least three alcohol-free nights a week.

Keep taking your multivitamin supplements to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it requires. If your mood needs an extra boost, try Pure Matters® Enliven with 5-HTP, which supports relaxation, concentration, and a positive mood target.

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Tuesday, January 29

How Do We Deal With the Shooting in CT Elementary School?

Several clients have asked, "I feel my heart is broken. Maybe I'm supposed to be heart-broken for a while. But what do you tell yourself when you hear the news like this, so that you can go on?"

Besides working out their own issues and growth, people remain stuck in the cycle of death & rebirth - samsara - cycling back into physical lives, by being caught by certain emotional experiences, especially sex, greed, horror, disgust, and fear. To evolve personally, and to dedicate energy to the Light, and to free ourselves from old pain, it is important not to get caught in these feeling states.

When you feel horrified or lost in your reaction to an event like this shooting, you become ungrounded. You are spinning in an acceleration of thoughts-and-feelings, caught by them, unable to be anywhere else. When you get ungrounded, you lose perspective, so the feelings become extreme. You aren't any help to yourself or others when you are lost in the horror. When you are ungrounded, your breathing is constricted and all in your chest.

It is possible to process the feelings and help the world heal. To do so:

First you must free your breathing. Take deep breaths and expel forcefully if your chest feels really tight. then, breathe into your belly, freeing your diaphragm.

Then, come back to your own reality by grounding yourself. Breathe into your hips, legs, feet. Breathe down into your feet until they start to tingle, and you can feel the floor, and the earth. Feel your awareness, and your energy mingle with the energy of the earth.

Then, keeping your feet and legs, become aware of the rest of your body - your lower back, spine, rib cage area, shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, upper back, neck, and head. Occupy all of your body, so that you are fully present in yourself, as much as possible at this moment.

Next, center. Become aware of the place in which you feel yourself BEING. Ask yourself to settle into that place. Watch what happens as you settle into the still point in which you are one with You, and Spirit, with. Rest here.

Then, to keep from being trapped in (the totally normal reactions of) helplessness, depression, and rage, be proactive - use energy to make something positive happen. So, when you feel filled with your present reality within your own body, and in the present moment with Spirit, while staying grounded, send White Light to all the people affected by the shooting.

Do not deplete yourself. Stay in the place of channeling Spirit's energy for healing, staying grounded in yourself. Don't give energy to dark side by getting lost in images, or news casts, or fear thoughts. Keep breathing, grounding, centering, and radiating White Light to those affected. And there are lots.

Keep on your task. The more you ground and center, and then radiate White Light, the more you'll feed the side of good. You'll be helping the world. Blessings to you, and to us all.

For more information and exercises on breathing, grounding, centering, and protecting yourself around toxic people, buy From Hurt to Joy: how to transform self-defeating patterns with Energy Dynamics., or any bookseller. Sarah Gillen, MA, LMFT, PCC, has practiced Energy Medicine for 30 years. She developed a trauma clearing technique synergized of Oriental Medicine, Psychology, and Energy Medicine. She trains practitioners, coaches, and clients in her techniques, and she also applies them to business settings in coaching executives.

Reach her at Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Monday, January 28

The Dream Incubation Experiment

My purpose in researching, writing about and investigating dreams is to help you to become aware of and appreciate the power of your dreams, and to provide you with information on how to use those dreams in a variety of useful ways. I want to inspire you to move from perhaps being an unconscious dreamer to where you're using your dreams for intentional foresight that will lead to personal, psychological and spiritual growth and evolution.

The solution to perplexing and sometimes frustrating problems, as well as everyday solutions to mundane issues, can reliably be resolved in the dreaming mind. Historical records bear witness to humanity's attempts to seek (and receive) guidance, wisdom and solutions through their dreams.

The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indigenous cultures, and many, many more have dedicated sacred sites, writings and resources to the study and incubation of healing, problem solving, creative and guidance dreams. Even in modern times, dreams have helped solve problems in science, politics, literature, religion and almost every other industry, segment or part of society, as well as with everyday concerns such as health, finance, relationships and so forth.

Inventions as varied as Elias Howe's sewing machine needle-where he dreamt the solution to the problem with the needle to be the placement of the hole at the pointed end-- and J. B. Parkinson's computer-controlled antiaircraft gun, were conceived in dreams. Scholar Herman Hilprecht reported that he dreamt that an Assyrian priest revealed the accurate translation of the stone of Nebuchadnezzar.

Problem Solving

The most common use of dream incubation is to request a solution to a current or continuing problem in your work or home life. These may be along the lines of whether to ask for a raise or make a career change; whether to have a baby or marry your current beau; If now is the right time to take the plunge and buy that little house, or move to another part of the country.

Several research studies have examined different aspects of problem solving and dreams. Wile, in 1934, addressed the incubation issue when he measured how long it took children to self-induce a dream on a desired topic. In 1974, Dement tested 500 undergraduate students by giving them three "brain-teaser" problems to solve while they slept. Morton Schatzman, in the 1980s repeated the Dement experiment, giving brain-teasers to huge numbers of people in England via the mass media.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, of the Harvard Medical School, Behavioral Medicine Program, conducted a study of dream incubation for problem solving. However, unlike the researchers before her, she explored how subjects would do if they could solve problems of their own choice, rather than predetermined puzzles or problems.

One of the more interesting results of the Barrett study revealed that a solution was usually arrived at by the start of the dream. It didn't appear that the problem was being struggled with throughout the experience. However, in some instances, the solution was presented through subtle hints which built toward more obvious ones until the conscious mind finally "got the message."

Inventive and Scientific Solutions

Inventors, by nature are dreamers; sometimes in a very literal sense. Nikola Tesla, famous inventor of the high-voltage transformer (Tesla coil), for example, often perceived his inventions in dreams and in dream-like mental visions. Tesla reported that he "saw" his inventions as if they were real on the screen of his mind's eye. He claimed that the power of his imagery was such that he could do "experiments in his mind."

Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz was the great chemist who revolutionized the study of chemistry with the discovery of the Benzene molecule. In a dream he was shown an image of a snake biting its own tail and realized that the molecule was a "closed chain."

In 1922, Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in physics due to a dream that enlightened him. He was trying to figure out what the structure of an atom was. One evening he fell asleep and in his dreams he saw the nucleus of the atom, with the electrons spinning around it, just like our solar system with the sun and planets. He knew immediately that this was the solution to his problem. Further testing and experiments proved it to be true.

Creative Solutions

Dreams can provide creative insights and solutions as well as practical and mundane ones.

Mary Shelley, who in the company of her famous husband Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and others had been reading aloud a collection of ghost stories, became part of a plan, suggested by Lord Byron, that they all write ghost stories of their own.

According to Mary Shelley's journal of April 1817, after listening to a long conversation between Byron and Shelley on the speculation that, "Perhaps a corpse would be reanimated," she retired to her bed well where, stimulated by the evening's conversation, was unable to sleep. When finally she did fall into blissful slumber her "imagination, unbidden, possessed and guided me, gifting the successive images that arose in my mind with a vividness far beyond the usual bounds of reverie," she wrote, and thus Frankenstein was born.

Robert Louis Stevenson was influenced by his dreams. He wrote an essay in which he called his dream helpers "the Brownies. Whenever he was stuck for a character, plot or story he'd make a request of his "Brownies" and in the morning he'd have what he needed.

Edgar Allen Poe's personal favourite work was The Lady Ligeia. He was particularly captivated by her eyes, which had met his in a dream. Her eyes were "far larger than the ordinary eyes of our race. They were even fuller than the fullest of the gazelle eyes of the tribe of the valley of the Nourjahad."

Healing Solutions

Like Edgar Cayce, though perhaps not to the same degree, we can all request health related information, advice and even diagnoses. In 2004, I was suffering with terrible headaches daily. I had visited the doctor but, after a cursory examination, he informed me that there was "nothing wrong." Frustrated with his evaluation and flippant attitude, I decided to diagnose the problem myself... with the help of my dreaming mind. The dream I received that night told me that my diet and my anger with a situation in my life at that time were the cause. A change in eating habits and attitude alleviated the headaches.

The Power Of The Mind

Anyone who's experienced a creative breakthrough or insight through their dreams knows that the dreaming mind has a power we don't experience while awake. This power is unfettered by time, space, or self-imposed limitations. It reaches into the endless, boundless and eternal universe of unmanifest potential, where unlimited ideas, inspirations and imaginings lay in wait.

When you incubate or request, a resolution, solution or guidance dream, your sub/unconscious and superconscious mind work in unison to bring you the best solution for you at the present time. In some instances you may have been thinking about a particularly troubling problem for days, weeks or even months, but hadn't been able to resolve the issue. Then, out of the blue, you have a dream that makes everything crystal clear. At other times, you might not have consciously been focused on any particular problem, but you have a dream that provides you with a big "fix" for your life in general. It may be that the issue was smouldering in the back of your mind for quite a while and your dreaming mind finally brought it to the forefront for you to deal with.

Incubation Method

There are tons of resources on how to incubate or request a specific dream. What I'm sharing here is my own personal method. Feel free to adjust it to your liking.

The most important part of dream incubation is setting an intention. The more clearly your intention is articulated, thought or written, the more likely it is that you'll dream the answer to your question, problem or issue.

Clearly define the issue in your conscious mind first. What do you want your dreams to work on? Are you seeking the answer to a technical question or a career decision? Are you inquiring into a health or physical concern? Are you debating a relationship issue? By clearly understanding the problem or concern, you'll better understand the solution given.

If you usually keep a dream journal, write out your question or query on a new page. If you don't have a dream journal, any piece of paper will do. If you can draw an image, add a photograph, sketch the problem, add the additional information.

Once you settle into bed for the night, start thinking about the issue you want your dreams to work on. Repeat the question or statement you wrote out, over and over while you drift off to sleep.

That's all there is to it. You may not get an answer, solution or response the first time you try dream incubation. If this is the case, don't be disheartened. If you keep with it, you will get the answers you need. The most common reason new dreamworkers feel that their efforts yield no results is that they don't recognize that the dream or dreams they receive relate to the problem at hand (or each other). However, what I've found is that once I begin investigating the dream story, I'm surprised to discover how much they do in fact relate to my concerns and that they do indeed offer practical and sound solutions.

Like any new skill, dream incubation takes a little bit of practice and some patients. Once you begin using your dreams to explore and resolve issues, problems and concerns, you'll discover how invaluable the information they offer really is and you'll wonder why you didn't start requesting guidance sooner.

The Experiment

The point of this entire article is to provide the background and reason for an experiment I'm conducting, and to invite you to take part in the research. From October 31, 2012 to December 31, 2012 I'll be requesting information from my dreams on a variety of topics. I will also be attempting to incubate information for others as well.

Every day (or once I receive an answer/response to a dream query) I'll post the pre-dream request or question on the blog at: I'll then post the dream I receive. If you would like to participate, either by incubating your own questions/queries or by requesting that I incubate an issue for you, post your question or incubation and dream on the blog.

At the end of the eight weeks, I'll write up a report and article on the experiment and our results.

Terry Gillis is a dream investigator, researcher and author and would like to invite you to participate in her ongoing research and become a part of the growing dream community by posting your dreams on her blog.

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Sunday, January 27

Verifying God's Existence and Curing Mental Illnesses

Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind in the end of a barbarous century. The beginning of the twentieth century was marked by two world wars. The end of this century was characterized by a sudden scientific and technologic progress, and the predominance of atheism.

The world changed very much. On one hand, this progress was positive and it helped us in many ways. On the other hand, many tragic mistakes transformed our civilization into an always more absurd and cruel civilization.

I continued Carl Jung's research in order to denounce the irresponsibility of the human race. I discovered that we are absurd from birth, and we tend to acquire worse mental illnesses with time, while we are not doing anything to prevent craziness.

Mental illnesses are invincible. We have to do everything we can in order to prevent the formation of mental disorders, without wasting time.

The symptoms of severe mental illnesses are unbearable. They are caused by our anti-conscience, which is the wild side of our conscience. The anti-conscience causes dizziness, fainting, oral and visual distortions, emptiness in the mind (blackout), panic attacks, and hallucinations with the intention to destroy our conscience and control our behavior. It also sends numerous absurd thoughts to our conscience.

Nothing can be worse than a severe mental illness for a mentally ill person, and for their environment. Mental illnesses transform human beings into violent monsters tortured by unbearable feelings because they are controlled by their wild conscience.

The anti-conscience is a primate that can think. It has satanic characteristics because it is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience, and it refuses to change its behavior. When the anti-conscience manages to completely destroy a person's human conscience, it permanently takes the place of their ego, and acts in their place.

We cannot keep ignoring the existence of terror and try to live well in parallel with craziness and despair if we want to eliminate all mental illnesses forever. Our anti-conscience cannot be transformed into human conscience in a world characterized by violence.

Our world must be a place where everyone will have the chance to transform their wild nature into human nature, so that they may evolve and find happiness in life.

If we are indifferent to the existence of terror on Earth and we do nothing to eliminate poverty, we cannot but suffer because of the tragic consequences of our ridiculous mistakes. Our attempts to cure mental illnesses while closing our eyes to the terror that prevails in our world are predestined to fail from the beginning, exactly because they are absurd.

Our military power, our wars, our crimes, and our hypocrisy prove that we are barbarous and insane creatures. We cannot put and end to mental illnesses if we live in a place where terror, violence, and despair exist.

If we were not insane, we wouldn't be indifferent to poverty, and to the violence that characterizes our world. We wouldn't be able to sing and dance, while knowing that other people are dying of hunger or being victims of violent attacks.

We would suffer with the suffering we observe, and we would do everything we could in order to put and end to this suffering. We would care about eliminating terror, poverty, immorality, and violence on Earth the same way we care about eating and living well. Our apathy before so many horrors clearly indicates that we are totally insensitive.

There is no human sensitivity in our frozen hearts.

If you want to be balanced, you must an exception. You have to be sensitive and suffer with other people's pain. You must care about everyone's life; not only your own. You cannot be insensitive and distant.

The meaning of your dreams helps you understand this truth and stop making the common mistakes of the human race. Through dream translation you acquire permanent sound mental health because you eliminate the evilness and the absurdity you have inherited in your brain, and the evilness and absurdity of the world. You stop closing your eyes to what is bad.

This doesn't mean that you live crying, but that you act. You do everything you can do to save the world; the same way you do everything you can to improve your own life. You stop observing the chaotic situation of the world with apathy and lack of responsibility. You understand that you have to do your part. The world needs your contribution.

God sends you dreams with information and guidance in order to help you eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and attain sanctity through consciousness. You can verify this truth into practice by translating the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation.

You should desire to follow a path of psychological and spiritual transformation with the intention to have the behavior of a saint.

Now, you are probably worried, thinking that God will make you abandon the luxury of your house and be poor.

Does God want to see you living on poverty? Why are all saints always poor?

They are poor because they understand that they cannot ignore the suffering of the world and indifferently enjoy their lives, glad with the material pleasures that other people cannot have.

God wants to see you having everything you need. You don't live on Earth in order to pass through poverty. This is not what God prepared for you.

Poverty is a result of the influence of the absurd and evil anti-conscience into everyone's conscience. If our world is a living hell where many people are starving while a privileged group is living well, this is because we created this absurd situation.

God created our planet in order to transform our anti-conscience into human content through wisdom and sensitivity. Many times we have to accept suffering in order to learn how to be wise. However, it is not God's intention to make us pass through an unbearable hell while we are alive. The unbearable situation that prevails in our world is a result of our own absurdity.

We have the moral obligation to eliminate poverty on Earth if we want to eliminate terror. Those who live on poverty cannot but spread terror everywhere, since they live on terror. This means that they are completely controlled by their anti-conscience.

Everyone else is also controlled (or only sometimes influenced) by their evil and absurd anti-conscience the same way. This is why they are indifferent to the misery of those who are starving.

When Jesus said that "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" He meant that those who are rich care only about feeding their ego. They are totally indifferent to the misery of the poor. This is why they cannot but go to hell.

Jesus was condemning the rich man because of his selfishness and greed, and not because of his desire to be wealthy.

God gives us food in abundance, but we don't want to share our food with our brothers and sisters. We prefer to be cruel because we like to be kings, and have many slaves. Our satanic nature is responsible for the cruelty that characterizes our behavior and the terror that characterizes our world.

We have to indispensably put an end to poverty on Earth, so that we may be able to put an end to terror, violence, and immorality, and then, eliminate all mental illnesses. The divine unconscious mind can help us discover how to feed humanity, without letting anyone die of hunger.

We will surely find salvation when we'll put an end to the unbearable situations of the world, and pass through a process of psychological and spiritual transformation. God can help us attain all goals with His lessons in dreams. We only have to seriously obey the divine guidance.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness. Learn more at:

Visit to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!). Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Saturday, January 26

How to Boost Your Energy Levels in Just 5 Minutes

If you want more energy to remain active and enjoy your day, you can make use of the following tips to give you the extra boost that you need to conquer all the challenges that you will face during the day:

Tip 1-Make your bed

Even though this sounds small and insignificant, this 'small' ritual helps to create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom. This calm atmosphere causes a soothing feeling to permeate through your bedroom which helps you to relax and sleep better when you are in your room.

Therefore, if you are able to use this it will help you to sleep very well at night so that when you wake up in the morning, you would be highly refreshed and strong enough to face the challenges of the day.

Tip 2-Prepare and pack a snack before you leave the house

Prepare a healthy snack to take with you before you leave your house in the morning. You can make use of fruits, unsalted nuts, and vegetables to make healthy snacks. If you have your healthy snacks ready in the afternoon, you will not be tempted to eat junk foods when you start to feel hungry.

Tip 3-Tidy your desk

Remove all the stray papers, scattered coffee mugs and all other things that clutter up your desk. If you can tidy up your external environment, you will be more organised and focused.

Tip 4-Listen to music

Good music helps to lower your blood pressure and your stress levels; it also helps to elevate your moods and keep you upbeat more easily. Download as much music as you like into a playlist on your MP3 player which you can listen to when you are at work and when you are exercising.

However, make sure you don't set the volume of your earpiece to a very high volume so that you don't end up damaging your eardrums.

Tip 5-Sniff soothing natural scents

Some fruits like lemons, basils, junipers, and lavenders have natural stress relieving scents that you can sniff to calm down your nerves.

Tip 6-Gentle stretching

Engage in gentle stretching exercises. You can stretch your arms over your head, and you can also raise and lower your shoulders gently a couple of times. These stretching movements help to improve the circulation of blood in your body and they also help to relax muscular tightness that is caused by the effect of stress.

Tip 7-Meditation

You can take out time to ponder upon bible verses that talk about the goodness and the faithfulness of God; you can meditate on inspiring bible verses from the book of psalms.

Tip 8-Count your blessings

Count and keep a record of every good thing that has happened to you. If you keep your mind constantly thinking about the all the negative things that are happening in the world around you, you will be drained of all your energy.

However, if you (and you can) choose to deliberately keep your mind on only the good things that are happening to you, you would experience higher levels of inner energy as you give thanks for all the good things that has happened to you.

Tip 9-Turn off your gadgets

Take a break from your tablet, personal computer, flat screen television, and mobile phones from time to time. Just switch off everything and unwind especially at night before you go to bed.

Even though the world is on for 24 hours every day of the week, you should switch off from time to time.

Tip 10-Set your priorities

You cannot do everything that you want to do every time. Make a list of all the things that you want to do and arrange them in their order of importance and then you can start doing them one after the other as you start from the top of the list.

If you do this, you will gradually do most of what you want to do after some time. By the way, are you interested in knowing the healthy foods that you must eat to stay fit, trim and healthy?

If so, visit now to sign up for a free 7 day fat loss and healthy diet e-course by the diet solution program. Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Friday, January 25

Revelations in Dreams, God's Anger and His Punishments

Since our dreams are produced by God, when I became a dream expert I also became a prophet able to decipher God's revelations in dreams. I had verified into practice that I could completely trust the dream messages without fear. God was not a liar. The dream messages were real.

Carl Jung was a cold psychiatrist and this is why he couldn't perceive the unconscious sanctity. He could only perceive the unconscious wisdom. This is why he had concluded that the unconscious mind is God's mind.

Of course, he understood that there was a religious side in the divine origin of the unconscious mind, but his occupation with this matter was superficial. He concentrated his attention mainly on the scientific value of the unconscious guidance in dreams.

I concentrated my attention also on the religious side of this matter.

Carl Jung was unable to perceive the unconscious sanctity because he followed the mindset of his historical time. He believed that we shouldn't have limitations and decide everything based on our moral principals and our pre-established definitions about what is good or bad.

This conclusion was absurd, but he couldn't understand this truth with the knowledge he had. If something is not good, it unavoidably is bad. When we disregard our moral principals we will surely become neurotic and surely suffer very much, besides surely causing suffering to everyone around us.

If we don't respect what is good and we are evil, we will unavoidably end up on terror and despair. Our moral principals protect our sanity.

Carl Jung disliked the idea to condemn the human behavior. He preferred to criticize religious truths based on scientific concepts.

When I managed to translate the meaning of dreams better than him and I verified the unconscious wisdom, I was indifferent to the religious side of this matter, exactly like him. I understood that I should respect the divine wisdom only later, when I perceived the sanctity contained in the dream messages. Only then could I understand that I had to be God's server instead of believing that the unconscious mind was my employee.

God thanked me because I understood my position. Then, He started telling me what to do.

He told me that I was a terrible demon, but He would give me the chance to save my sanity. I had to attain sanctity after passing though numerous crucifixions. I was very strong and this is why I could help Him eliminate evilness on Earth. A sensitive saint would never bear all the suffering I could bear because I was a violent demon.

I had to put his plan for the elimination of craziness and terror into practice and pass through an unbearable hell.

I thanked God because He gave me the chance to save my sanity. Without His guidance I would unavoidably become schizophrenic like my father.

However, I disagreed with his plan. I didn't want to be a hero.

God told me that He was afraid to trust a demon like me, but I had to pay Him back. He had suffered very much in order to make me pay attention to His words.

My literary talent was His gift. It was a bridge that was always uniting me with His wisdom.

I couldn't immediately understand what I had written when I was guided by my magical inspiration. I had to read my words many times until I could really understand their meaning. These words always had a wise meaning, even though I was young and ignorant.

Everything started making sense when I became a dream expert and I could clearly understand the symbolic meaning of dream images in dreams and in literary works. Jung had analyzed the writings of many authors who were inspired by the unconscious mind like me.

God showed me that He was revolted with the Catholic and the Orthodox Church. He would punish the members of both churches a thousand times more than the worst sinners of world.

I was baptized in both churches because my parents are Greek and therefore, Orthodox. They had decided to live in Brazil, where I was born, and this is why I studied in a Catholic school.

God showed me in dream messages that He was disgusted with the members of the Catholic and the Orthodox church because of their indifference to the horrors of the world. He told me that all members of both churches were terrible demons. Satan rules God's churches in our world.

Satan is our wild conscience. When our anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience, we become visibly mentally ill. However, we are constantly influenced by our satanic anti-conscience even when our human conscience is strong.

I had to meticulously study the meaning of hypocrisy in order to understand God's anger.

I also had to face many humiliations. The members of both churches didn't believe in God's existence, and they didn't believe in miracles.

I was immediately attacked by many Catholic priests when I told them that I had discovered that we are demons and God suffers very much because of our existence.

Nobody believed that this was a divine revelation.

They told me that God had already revealed everything He had to show to the world a long time ago.

God was forbidden to make new revelations. The members of the church decided on His behalf that all revelations had happened in the past and now all revelations had ended.

When I told them that God was revolted with the members of the church because all human beings are demons and the church is not doing anything to save humanity from hell, all priests humiliated me, showing me how insignificant I was.

Nobody wanted to learn more details about my discoveries.

Whenever I tried to show to a certain priest what I had discovered after continuing Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psyche, I was interrupted before being able to explain anything. Every priest would give me lessons, and tell me what a certain saint or a certain philosopher had said about this matter in the past.

I didn't need to give them explanations. They knew everything better than me. They seemed to know everything even better than God.

I hated all the conversations I had to have with the priests and nuns. However, I had to obey God's guidance like a soldier, no matter how much I hated my mission. My personal opinion had no value. The way I was feeling was unimportant too. Nothing could be more important than God's plan for the elimination of craziness and terror.

This was the only way I could help God stop suffering. His heart was always bleeding because we are not really human.

God told me that He was more than desperate. He was trying to put an end to craziness and terror during billions of years without success. He didn't know how He could still believe in this possibility and still keep trying to save the human race. He begged me to obey his guidance without complaining.

I agreed to obey His guidance, but I was always complaining because I disagreed with my suffering.

I had various discussions about God's pain with many priests and nuns. I asked them if they believed that God was always suffering because of our craziness, but they told me that God didn't suffer like us, poor human beings.

They believed that God shows apathy before the terror that rules our world; a world characterized by poverty, immorality, greed, wars, numerous crimes, and infinite lies.

In the beginning of 1991 God told me that I had to meet the bishop because this was an important part of his plan. The bishop of the Catholic church of Athens (father Nikolaos Foskolos) was very rude with me in the phone when I called him up with the intention to talk with him about my discoveries. He told me that he knew who I was. He had already learned about my existence and my discussions with many priests.

I told him that I had to tell him important revelations found in dreams translated based on Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation. He accepted to see me in the end of the week when he attended the public, but only for a few minutes, and only because I insisted.

It was obvious to me that the attempt to convince an ignorant and arrogant creature like the bishop that my discoveries were real was predestined to fail. This meeting was a waste of time. I knew beforehand that he wouldn't believe my words.

However, God not only insisted, as well as He sent me a flue. I was always punished whenever I disagreed with His guidance. God forced me to be obedient.

I would do the same if I was in His place. His suffering was more than unbearable and He depended on someone's obedience.

I met the bishop a certain Friday morning in his very well equipped office, which was far from being modest. I told him that humanity would condemn the church when I would prove to the world that we are demons and everyone goes to hell after death. I told him that I was writing a scientific book to prove these truths to the world.

He told me that I was free to write whatever I had the intention to. He had no objections.

Then, I told him that God was revolted with the members of the Catholic church, reminding Him Jesus' words: "The servers who know what the Lord expects from them but don't do what the Lord expects from them will be punished in double". In other words, God punishes more those who know what He wants from them but refuse to do their obligation, than those who ignore His will.

The bishop was not afraid. He didn't believe that he was disobeying God only because he was not paying attention to my revelations.

I told him that God was revolted also because the Catholic church stopped believing in the existence of demons, while Jesus gave us many lessons about Satan.

The bishop gave me a piece of paper, where he had written something. The word 'demon' was there, in a sentence. He was trying to show me with this document that he believed in the demon, and He didn't need to be reminded by me.

Then, he opened the big wooden door of his office, showing me the way out. I thanked him for his time and left, glad because he didn't hit me. At least he seemed to be civilized.

After this experience I understood why the meeting with the bishop was so important. God didn't expect to see me convincing him of anything. God wanted to show me how alone He was. I was the only one who was precisely obeying His guidance on Earth.

All human beings are demons who merely pretend to be human. God is always angry with all sinners.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness. Learn more at:

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Thursday, January 24

Emotional Triggers, the Power of Anticipation

I have never gone to a party or gathering with the intentions to be tagged as the funk of the night. Instead I looked forward to getting out of work mode and into the mode of joy. Preparing to meet and greet happy people, who just want to let their hair down, relax and be totally beautiful, is an inspiring and exciting opportunity. Similarly during holiday season's it is a fact that people who get in the spirit of being jolly usually land there.

Can we learn from the magic of the high note? Have you ever noticed how people are naturally happier during the festive seasons? I have, in fact it is accurate to say that outside of the holiday season most people, that would normally pass you by without saying a word, suddenly adopt the gift of greetings. More people carry on with new pep in their step, in a blissful spirit uttering some of the following warm wishes;

- Happy thanksgiving

- Merry Christmas

- Season's Greetings

- Happy New Year

- Happy Valentine's Day

- Happy Easter

- Happy Independence day, labor day etc...

On a normal day outside of the holidays a simple good morning or hello might be like pulling teeth for many, for whatever reason. Perhaps people who need people are becoming afraid of people and of each other. Could fear be driving such blah? Could the excitement of unity and celebration be so stimulating that it gives immunity from such apprehension on any given day? If you pay attention you will note that the power of anticipation and excitement peaks joy.

Why? This rings true because of the magnificent ingenuity of you. Your body is designed to respond to emotion. Emotions either negatively or positively impact our mind, body and spirit. The State of Euphoria is good for the soul because people are in the mode of anticipation. Joy is naturally motivated by the likelihood of gain, which is exciting. It feels good to get rewards and recognition, promotion, being the top choice and winning. On the physical side the body is producing higher levels of those happy chemicals called serotonin.

Serotonin and dopamine are released in the brain when we increase activity and experience excitement that drives our adrenalin up. When we are stimulated we are also motivated. Motivation leads to more energy which leads to better attitudes and greater productivity, which leads to favorable conditions around us. When we are able to live and operate in favorable conditions we are happier, healthier and more likely to become masters of living within the magic of the high note.

There are countless benefits behind the scenes of life's high notes or more specifically, your ability to maintain happiness throughout the year. When you are happy serotonin is plenteous and affects your system in functioning optimally by;

- Regulating sleeping and awake cycles

- Stabilizing a healthy mood

- Increasing your libido

- Establishing a healthy appetite

- Ward's of depression

You can help your body out with increasing the production of this happy juice by

- Exercising, Getting 8 hours of sleep and Eating Healthy

- Through Temperance, Prayer and Meditation

- Hydrating, Getting Fresh Air and Sun Light

- Organizing and keeping clean surroundings

- Decking your walls (your body, mind, spirit and surroundings)

Knowing all of this, it would only make sense to take note of how internal and external stimulants positively influence our moods. Healthy moods lead to healthy living. Why not live in happy mode more often? You can leverage the magic of anticipation in your daily life by supporting your mind body and spirit with what it needs. The payoff will be mountainous!

Sonya R. Ward is the founder of Harmony Success Solutions an online coaching & development practicum designed to empower and serve individuals, groups, organizations and communities.

In addition, Sonya heads up various development groups such as VOW: Voice on Words & Branding Your Brilliance. Sonya is a well-received voice of inspiration and empowerment to her audience. Sonya is a prolific speaker, writer and author. She is a content coach, book coach and ghost writer.

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Wednesday, January 23

Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset

We have heard it time and time again "your health is your most important and valuable asset", so why does the average person forgo their health?

According to Bloomberg, Apple's profit raised 94% with global growing iPhone demand. Approximately 85,000 new cars are sold each month in Australia - the Australian bureau of statistics.

According to a 2006 survey discovered the average man owns 12 pairs of shoes and women 27.

But how much do you spend on your health.

Do you prioritize shoes before vegetables, do you prioritize a new car before going for a walk, do you prioritize TV and mobile phones before going to your chiropractor.

Your worth and value is dependent on your health. You can't forget your most valuable asset and prioritize worthless objects and expect to thrive in life.

But the drive to consume has been proven greater than the need to thrive. Disease statistics are alarming. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer before 85 yrs old (cancer council). Heart Disease kills one Australian every 11 minutes, affects more than 3.4 million Australians and prevents 1.4 million people from living a full life because of disability caused by the disease (heart foundation). In 2007-08, an estimated 898,800 Australians had been diagnosed with diabetes (self-reports to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' 2007-08 National Health Survey)

These are all preventable diseases. It is time we commit to being smarter, stop thinking about it, do it. Your health IS your most valuable asset and it is time to invest.

Walking for 30 mins/day will cut your risk of hypertension and diabetes, reduce the risk and effects of cancer, protect against miscarriages, better your sexual health, rejuvenate your mind and sprit, manage metabolism and weight, improve brain power and add years to your life.

Drinking enough water will help you lose weight, is a natural remedy for headaches, hydrates your skin making you stay younger, increased concentration and productivity, helps digestion, keeps your joints hydrated and reduces the risk of injury, helps immune function decreasing sickness, relieves fatigue, puts you in a good mood and reduces the risk of cancer.

Having good posture will relieve pain, protect your joints, prevent injury, help you breath better, improves cardiac output and circulation, relaxes your muscles, improves motivation, self-esteem, productivity, purpose and makes you look great.

Chiropractic is the largest healing medicine outside traditional medicine, and has a long history of positive influence on health care since the 1900's. See your chiropractor today.

Dr Cate Andrews - Chiropractor, Goondiwindi QLD 4390. T 0000 0000 / F 0000 0000
life[at] Life Chiropractor Goondiwindi

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Tuesday, January 22

Benefits of Relaxation to Your Fitness

Many people imagine taking a vacation, watching TV, or hanging out with friends when relaxing instead of using a few simple relaxation techniques that can have a large increase in the general fitness of an individual. People attending a fitness resort often feel large benefits when they take part in relaxing exercise programs, such as yoga and meditation; other relaxing activities, such as spending time in a sauna can replicate the activities of exercise in the individual.

Relaxation is the process of relieving the stresses of both the mind and the body; in terms of both mind and body a professionally administered massage at a weight loss camp can help increase the general health of people. Relaxation techniques can be used to decrease the heart rate of individuals and lower blood pressure; during a fitness resort stay relaxation techniques are often taught to residents in an attempt to increase their all round health. Completion of exercise and relaxation techniques, such as the ancient oriental art of Tai Chi can have a great effect on the body by helping to increase oxygen levels, which in turn increases energy levels. The removal of stress and negativity from both the mind and body is often taught at a weight loss camp in an attempt to boost energy levels and general health.

The benefits of a relaxing activity, such as spending a short time in a sauna or swimming in a warm pool are two fold. These activities, which are often part of a weight loss camp at a fitness resort widen the blood vessels through the application of heat to the body and allow a greater supply of blood to flow through the body. This can be of great help to people in their everyday lives and when attending a fitness camp as increased blood flow combined with sweating heavily can replicate a exercise activity such as a fast walk.

It is important to remember these things as you workout because stress affects the mind and the body. You have to learn to detox your mind and liberate yourself. Also, your muscles need time to heal and recover from your workouts. Hot baths and saunas are therapeutic in muscle recovery and you will feel ready for the next workout. By attending a fitness camp you will have these relaxation techniques integrated into your workout routines throughout the week, and they will teach you how to take it home to continue your fitness journey.

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Monday, January 21

Be Smart, Set Your SMART Fitness Goals

If you're serious about taking some steps to put your body and spirit in better shape, you'll have too make some plans and goals. On the other hand, you have to keep up to what you write out, be honest to yourself. It really makes no purpose to waste time and energy into thinking about what you want to achieve, and then actually working it all out, and then not making it happen.

Some of you may have heard of them, but a lot of you haven't. It's SMART goals. Now, what do you mean - smart?

Well, it's smart, but actually it's S.M.A.R.T.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Realistic

T - Timel-bound

Specific - it's about defining what you want to achieve by answering the five "W" questions:

Who - who is involved? Will you do it alone, or with accompaniment, will you have a friend going with you to work out, and support you if your will goes down at some moments? Will you have a personal trainer?
What - what is it that you want to achieve? Saying something too simple, as, get in the shape, won't let you have something to hold on as you'll be working. For example, weight yourself and define how many pounds you want to loose.
Where - your gym location? Are there any other important places for your body development?
When - time bound for your results to happen, also define time when you'll be available for devoting yourself towards achieving results.
Why - define your reasons. The stronger your reasons, the more motivation you'll have to work. Whenever you don't feel like doing it, just remind yourself of all the reasons you've started doing it. That will keep you going at rough times.

Measurable - find a way to measure progress towards the achievement of goals you define. If you want to build up your leg muscles, for example, and you define that you'll be achieving that by doing 60 leg presses a week, and if you go to gym 3 times a week, you'll need to do 20 on each training.

Attainable - far away goals might turn to simple attainable ones if you prethink the sacrifice and development of your abilities, skills, attitude and financially means to reach them. You'll surprise yourself finding things you might have already done to get closer to what you want to achieve.

Realistic - you must be willing and able to work in order to make your goals realistic. It isn't realistic to say that you'll loose 10 pounds without lifting a finger, let alone a weight. Think about what prevents you from dedication towards the goals you have in mind.

Time-bound - as already said, set up a time frame for everything you want to have under your control. Write out that date on a piece of paper you'll see every day, and that'll remind you to work and do whatever it takes to achieve desired goal by that date.

So, that's it. Your pens should be on paper right now, writing out everything you want to happen to you. It can get hard to verbalize and write out your goals to such details, but, the more you're clear with yourself about why you're doing something, the more possibility there is for that to actually be done.

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Sunday, January 20

How to Determine That You Have Psychic Abilities

I'm sure you have heard these expressions many times:

" What a sad soul" - "What a gentle soul" or even "What a happy soul."

These are statements regularly used by many people, day in day out in their every day lives. It is not only a matter of how we are physically, that makes us feel good, it is what goes on inside at a soul level that gives us that feeling of lightness and happiness. No amount of material goods will bring that feeling to us. Long term anyway. Maybe a night out for a few drinks will dull the feeling of worry. Before long we realise it can only be a temporary fix. Restoring your well being is all about soothing and healing your spiritual self. Finding the place in each of us that has always known truth and love.

At times life deals us some fairly harsh lessons. Sometimes, the hurts can be so small we don't remember them. However, deep inside the very fibre of our being every hurt is stored. Clearing them away is very beneficial to our mental and physical well being. This cane how a person's Guide or Angel can step in through a Clairvoyant Medium ( a channeller)

What is a Spirit Guide?

The term "spirit guide" seems to mean something different to each and every person. However in general terms "Spirit Guide" means someone in the spirit world who has had an Earth life and who has chosen to help and support you.

There are other energies that have been described as spirit guides who are known as ascended masters, spiritual leaders, elementals, Gods and Goddesses, even ET's. They may come from an ancient civilisations or from many walks of life - from ever in fact everyone and everything, way back to the beginning of creation.

Guides can appear to us as being of any age, young to old. A spirit guide can be an old soul from any culture, era or country, they wait patiently to be able to help us whilst we are in this lifetime and can give vast amounts of wisdom to help us on our way. Remember we all have one no matter whether we believe or not! They are non judgemental, all loving and supportive of each of us.

What is the difference between a Spirit Guide and a Guardian Angel?

Generally Guardian Angels have not had an earthly life but are very wise and understanding of everything that there is as with Spirit Guides they are there to help and support us and shower us with their their protecting energy. This may be whoever we are, whatever our spiritual beliefs, even if we don't have any spiritual beliefs or are agnostic. Spirit Guides who are supporting people consciously walking a spiritual path, will be doing everything they can to help them on that path, be it mediumship, healing, mentorship, spiritual leadership, etc.

Does everyone have a Spirit Guide?

Yes, everyone has spirit guides. Some guides are unique to you, others will be helping other people as well, such as Archangel Michael, Jesus, Mary etc.

Can you have more than one Spirit Guide?

Yes, you can have a number of guides. Each guide may be with you for a different reason. This will be to support you during specific aspects of your life and journey. One or more guides will be your main guide/s. They will be with you all your life and will never leave you. When you learn to tune into them you will be able to receive so much guidance, you will begin to wonder how you did without this loving, dedicated friend of yours.

Do our Spirit Guides Change throughout my Life?

Yes, as you evolve and mature spiritually and as your circumstances change, your guides will change too. New guides, appropriate for new stages in your spiritual journey will move close to help you. Many people can sense when they have a new spirit guide close by and this of course is dependent on your current circumstances. Your Master Guide will never leave you.

Are our Spirit Guides unique to us?

Your guides work personally with you and for you.
They set out to guide and bring you comfort, to let you know that they understand your circumstances and they work so hard to help you along your path of learning.

How do spirit guides help us?

Gosh, in so many ways do our Guides help. They are so busy orchestrating "coincidences" and opportunities for us. These will be in accord with our thoughts, words and actions and will align with our spiritual aims and purpose. Our guides will do what they can to bring these opportunities to our attention. It is up to us to recognise these opportunities and opt choose whether or not to take them.

Have you ever though about how something may help you in a certain situation, then heard a song, seen a sign, met the perfect person to help you resolve your predicament or maybe you have picked up a book looking for just the right words and found that it falls open at exactly the right page? Maybe an answer to a dilemma or question has come about via a chance conversation or meeting. If the answer was unexpected, you can be pretty sure that your guides have been involved.

See your Spirit Guides as experienced mentors, protectors, helpers and friends. They are there to support, love and assist you. You may be connected with that guide through a previous incarnation and every guide has their own specific role, working both independently and in partnership with your other guides.

How long will my guide stay with me?

Your principal, or main guide, who will stay with you throughout your entire life. At other times you will be joined by one or more guides who are particularly skilled at helping with specific aspects or challenges. Some will be around you for a long time, others for shorter spells to help with specific issues. Do not fret that you have been abandoned if you think they are not around. It is generally your own worries and concerns that block these feelings of connection. Trust that they NEVER leave your side.

Can spirit guides a relatives from your family connection?

In a nut shell, yes. People who pass into Spirit will often choose to stay close to their loved ones on the Earth plane. However like all humans that pass over, we must have a time of healing and coming to terms with having died and also understanding the lessons that we had to learn or did not quite learn. A Spirit Guide has nearly always been an apprentice guide for some time before gaining the wonderful position of Spirit Guide. It generally means they have lived many lifetimes and gained enormous compassion, wisdom and patience to be as so responsible as to be guiding us here on this plane.

Can spirit guides be animals?

Again the answer is yes. Guides can certainly be animals and, like any other guide, will have a particular reason for being with you. They may have been a very special friend to you in your life, a dog, cat,horse, bird. All animal creatures are as special as we are both in life and afterlife.

Will the Guide know to come through for someone in their Reading?

Most definitely, a good Channeller, will prepare themselves by grounding themselves and working with the White Light of Spirit and indicate that they are having an appointment with a certain person. This way there can be no doubt that the Spirit Guide is there ready and waiting to communicate.

In learning that you have these amazing Spirits to guide and love you throughout your life makes finding out how they can help to carry the burden of your journey in this lifetime, all the more important.

In Love and Light, Libby Taylor., libbytclairvoyanthealer[at] Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Saturday, January 19

3 Tips For Staying True To You This Holiday Season

Love-Hate Holidays

Who doesn't love the holidays? Who doesn't hate them at the same time? While everything feels festive, there can also be a lot of commercially-driven falseness to that festiveness too.

There are also the beliefs that giving gifts is how to best show you love someone, pigging out is the best way to share your happiness, and drinking up is the best way to ride the high of the season (or deal with avoiding the lows).

Self-Love or Selfishness?

What's important is staying true to you and continuing to love and care for yourself, even during the holiday season. If you're in the midst of embracing wellness, you may be challenged and pressured by those around you to go off the wellness wagon, "because it's THE HOLIDAYS! Don't be a downer!"

It can be so easy to do what you don't want to do over the holidays because of this kind of pressure. How do you avoid confusing self-love with selfishness?

First of all, if someone tries to pressure you into eating or drinking something you don't want, or spending money you don't really have on gifts, or participating in any activity that you don't enjoy, then THEY are being selfish by accusing you of selfishiness. It's okay to stay true to you. Those who love you unconditionally will respect your choices. If you are trying to become well, they will want you to be healthy and happy.

3 Tips for Staying True to You

1. Identify what you really WANT to do this season - What foods do you want to eat and not eat? Do you want to drink, and if so, how much and what? What events do you want to go to, anf not go to? Who do you really want to buy gifts for? What is your spending limit overall, and for each person? Who do you want to spend time with? Who do you not want to spend time with? Identifying what you want is the first step to keeping yourself stress-free and well.

2. Focus on what you LOVE about the holidays and find healthy ways to still experience those things - Holidays, like life, shouldn't be about either overindulgence or deprivation. The holidays are a time to celebrate what you love most. Is it the lights? How about taking evening walks around the neighborhood to experience them? Is it the food? Find healthy recipes for your favorite dishes, create them, and share them with your friends and family (without preaching or forcing, just sharing!) Is it the parties? Create a plan for how you can attend a party without sabotaging your goals - maybe it means bringing your own food and drink; maybe it means leaving at a set time so you can get a good night's sleep.

3. Deal with any guilt you feel about putting yourself and your wellness first - Why do you feel that you can't put yourself first? What would happen if you did? Why is your wellness less important than pleasing others? Are you sure others would be upset if you offered new ways of doing things over the holidays, or if you asked that they respect your health goals and personal wishes?

When it comes down to it, you are all you've got. Your first and primary relationship is with yourself. And that is true of every person you know. Each person is responsible for themselves, their feelings, their beliefs, their choices and their reactions. Sometimes being true to you can upset others at first, but what should come after their initial reaction to change is respect for your choices and love for you, no matter what.

Joy - What the Holidays are All About, Right?

Isn't joy and goodwill the whole PURPOSE of the holiday season? If you're traipsing around in Shouldville, how is that joyful? If you give out of "shoulds" and expectations, then it's not authentic. It's sacrificial. Don't sacrifice your wellness just because it's the holidays! Give the best gift you can give to others, and to yourself: a healthy, joyful, authentic you.

Melody Larson is a natural weight loss and holistic wellness coach, law of attraction teacher, published author, and successful entrepreneur offering free wellness tips, spiritual growth advice, and healthy vegan and raw food recipes on her site,

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Friday, January 18

7 Tips On Waking Up And Working Out

If you're looking for a way to increase your energy, boost your metabolism, and be more productive throughout the day; then start your day off in the gym.

My friends and family all know me as an early riser... I get up habitually every morning at 5am and immediately start my day off with an intense workout. I get a lot of questions and e-mails about how to do it, so here are 7 tips that have helped me turn this into a habit:

If you're interested in waking up for an early morning workout, remembering the 4P's is critical: Proper Planning equals Peak Performance.

1. Prep Your Pre-Workout Nutrition:

Prepare any pre-workout nutrition that you will be taking and have it ready to go.

For example: I take a pre-workout drink and a few essential vitamins that help me get going every morning, so I get them ready to go and place them bedside so I can take them immediately upon rising.

Have your post workout protein powder ready to go in your shaker the night before as well.

2. Wear your gym clothes to bed:

Set your shoes aside and have your gym bag packed so you can grab and go as soon as you wake up.

3. Drink Water!

Drink 16 ounces of cold water. It wakes you up and gives you the hydration you need to workout.

4. Consider Caffeine

You can get it in tablet form, or you can brew your morning cup of joe as usual. Proven to increase strength and alertness.

5. Review Workout (before bed)

Planning and reviewing your workout right before bed will increase your chances of waking up dramatically. When you plan and review, you know exactly what you need to do in the morning so you will avoid screwing around and wasting time. Reviewing your workout pre-bed will also put your sub-conscious mind to work - thinking about it all night and you'll be surprised at how well you perform in the morning!

6. Wake up shock

Try splashing yourself in the face with cold water a few times, it always does the trick for me!


Tell yourself you're going to wake up at 5 or 6am and you will. As soon as your alarm goes off just get up and go! Don't give yourself time to think about it or else you'll hit 'snooze' and go back to bed... Then regret it later.

Keep the 4P's in mind and if you'd really like to make the transition from PM workouts to AM workouts then stay with it... It takes 21 days to form a habit, and once you've formed a habit, it becomes natural, and people will start asking you how to do it!

Until next time, Dean Bocari. info[at] Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Thursday, January 17

Memory Exercises For Easy Recall

When a person ages a lot of changes start to happen along with numerous health problems that also start to develop. One major change in people is that they tend to be forgetful and develop short term memory loss with things like phone numbers, receent occurrences, people's names and more.

Having a good memory is a good thing as it helps us usually face life and it's challenges as we are often required to make wise decisions. Thus having a good memory helps people to have a good quality life. There are a few simple and easy memory exercises that will help you to have a good memory and remember things easily.

Visualizing helps you to imagine and envision things. It is an easy way to remember things because it will help your mind to take note of things with the aid of images. It will require practice and to do it regularly in order for you to gain the benefit of remembering things easily.
Integration is another simple and easy way to enhance your memory. Integration or also known as association, is connecting things to images. Words that have similar sounds are easier for you to keep in mind. You can do it by connecting things like a person name, number, face or any situation to things that if you see you will easily associate it to something that will help you to remember it easily.
Repetition of things is also one effective exercise to enhance your capabilities in remembering things easily. It is one recommended technique for you in order to have a sharp memory about things that are easy to forget like phone numbers, names, and things that have maximum importance in your life like passwords. By repeating these things more often there will be a high possibility that it will be retained in your mind.
Mnemonics another technique to improve your memory. This is the use of acronyms, rhymes and tunes that will help you to keep things in your mind and to remember it quickly. This is usually being used in school activity to help students in sharpening their memory.
Games like chess, crossword puzzles and scrabble are a helpful source of memory exercises to enhance your memory. With these sources you will not only improve your memory but you will also learn new words that will be helpful for you to improve your mind.
Cutting up, combining and grouping is also one way to hone your memory and this applies if you are trying to remember confusing things and numbers. This activity can be done by categorizing things with regards to the most common among them.

These memory exercises will not be enough for you to sharpen your memory without proper nutrition and complete sleep. So it is important for you to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich with memory enhancer components like iron and vitamins. It is also necessary for people to have at least eight hours of sleep in order to keep their mind healthy and avoid problems like short term memory

Greg Reed is the owner of My Memory Improvement Tips. For More Great Information On How To Improve Your Memory Visit Providing useful self development and improvement articles, hynotherapy and counselling writings and other mind help resources online.

Wednesday, January 16

How to Approach an Energy Clearing (or Energy Healing) Session

We all sat in that classroom as little kids.

We learned that "energy cannot be created or destroyed." We also learned that it can change its form of expression. This is a lesson we can call upon now and use it every day of our lives as we consider energy and healing. Of course, in that science classroom, they talked to us about light and heat, etc. We are going to apply this principle in a way that transforms pain into joy, misery into ecstasy, and anger into love.

Recycling Energy

If you've ever had a garden, you might have found that the energy of the previous year's waste could be turned into the next year's nourishment through a method of composting. And recycling in general has become a major part of our culture and a household word.

As you ponder these methods of taking things that are old and unwanted, and putting them through a process of transformation to bring forward something helpful, useful, and advantageous, you begin to see into the power of the energy clearing session. This is what those who are called "energy healers" facilitate.

The Value Hidden Within Pain

Every pain, misfortune, or mode of suffering, represents a field of conflicted energy. When that field is harmonized, when it is restored to its original state of clear energy, the power locked within the conflict is released and becomes available. That energy can then nourish the soul and move you forward toward the desires of your heart. You may experience this as a feeling of lightness, happiness, inspiration, or a burst of creativity. These are the markings of a spiritual healing.

The Past Lives Within the Now

Energy patterns can trace immeasurably back in time. You can see them running through distant events of your personal history, woven though your ancestral lines, and echoed in the remnants of past lives. Whether or not you believe that you have had past incarnations matters little because it is your current vibration that is being cleared. You may hear this described differently in the context of different energy healing techniques, and that is why it is helpful to understand that the past lives within the now. And this is where it must be harmonized in order to free your now and roll out the red carpet for your future (which also lives in your now).

Pains Gone, Relationships Restored, Happiness Flowing

Regardless of the reason you seek energy clearing, whether it is a body issue, a financial worry, a painful relationship, or anything else, it is best to come to the session with a willingness to let go of your problem and to allow it be transformed into something wonderful. With this spirit of openness, and an honoring of your essence, the energy clearing session can amaze you with the power of its results.

You can experience an energy clearing session first hand at no charge. Bring one issue to the call. It can be about your body, emotions, relationships, finances, or anything else that is causing you pain. Be prepared to let it go and have it transformed into something wonderful in your life. Get your Free Guest Pass to the next energy clearing session at

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Tuesday, January 15

Honor and Respect All Living Creatures

To be conscious is to be aware and respectful towards all living creatures, big and small. They make up our world and are part of it. Treating animals humanly is a conscious trait. Being aware of where our food comes from and how an animal is treated is essential. Many people now want to know this. It is our duty as conscious human beings to treat all creatures with respect and dignity.

If you eat animal products, it is good to be aware that you are either eating a creature that was once alive or are eating a product of their current life. Either way you are taking from this creature to nourish yourself.

Acknowledging this life and knowing that the animal has or had a decent life is part of conscious living. We can take small steps, but it is important to take steps towards honoring all living creatures. When we are cruel to animals, we are cruel to ourselves. It is a reflection of our society and our values. When we raise animals with cruelty we absorb this hateful and painful energy. What goes around comes around. That is how energy works. When an animal is treated humanely and with compassion, this reflects in many positive ways. Honor and respect the food that is given to us by these creatures.

Animal companions are an important part of many of our lives. They give us love and loyalty. Treat them with humanity. Give them proper food, water, shelter and exercise. They need love also.

Remember our wild creatures also. They are part of our magnificent Earth. And they are part of our overall survival. Honor them and their habitat. Help them survive. Support their lives by practicing conscious economics, by walking softly, and by honoring the earth.

How do we honor all living creatures?

1) Treat all creatures with respect and dignity.

2) Practice "conscious economics" by purchasing humane/cruelty free and sustainable animal products.

3) Learn where your food comes from. Buy local, free range and organic whenever possible.

4) Speak out for all living creatures. Educate people about these issues.

5) Connect with the animal kingdom whenever possible. Interact with other species to gain empathy and awareness.

6) Walk softly and be aware of your impact on other creatures and their habitat.

When we become aware of our impact on our earth and its creatures we can take conscious steps towards honoring and respecting them. I call this way of life "conscious living". By being aware of our actions and how they affect others we take a positive step towards living a more compassionate and fulfilling life. Small steps are important in our daily lives. By taking these steps we are helping change ourselves and the world around us in a positive way.

Want more info on conscious living? Get free info on my guidebook 30 Steps to Conscious Living and learn simple steps for changing your life and the lives of others around you. My website also offer many free articles on these subjects and more.

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Monday, January 14

The Confessions of A Dream Expert and The Fight Between God and Satan

When we translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation we understand God's words in the dream images. I managed to understand the meaning of dreams better than Jung because I was a literature writer.

I will explain why a literature writer was the ideal person to continue a psychiatrist's research. I will also help you understand your reality with my story. You'll understand the relationship existent between the meaning of dreams and your mental health. You'll also understand the meaning of the fight between God and Satan.

Since Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by God, and since I discovered God's sanctity, I had to obey God's guidance. I had to remember the religious lessons I had during my childhood and my adolescence.

I studied in a Catholic school during twelve years. I had learned my religious lessons very well because I paid attention to this topic. However, I became an atheist after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old, while still studying in the same school.

My atheism helped me understand the importance of God's existence when I recovered my faith. It also helped me understand what kind of enemies I would have to face when I would have to prove God's existence to the world.

My religious education played an important role during my entire research, especially when I had to fight absurdity, while keeping my conscience alive. I had to pass through atheism in order to really believe in God after discovering scientific proof of His existence.

When I became a revolted atheist, I started criticizing my religion with the same arrogant spirit that characterizes all atheists. My atheism lasted six years. After this period of time I started believing again in the possibility of God's existence because I understood that I was ignorant.

However, the fact that I admitted the possibility of God's existence didn't mean that I had faith. I recuperated my faith only when I became a dream expert (in 1988) and I translated the symbolic meaning of the book I had written after suffering from the tragic car accident when I was a teen.

I stopped being an atheist when I finished writing this literary book, which was inspired by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic talents. God was guiding me during the six years of atheism that marked my life only thanks to my literary talent, since I abandoned my religion.

I gradually discovered the truth about my destiny, after studying various scientific subjects, after becoming a dream expert, and after understanding the symbolic meaning of my literary work, which contained numerous dream symbols. I saw that I was a prophet.

The book I had written with my own hands during six years was in fact written by the unconscious mind. I was not the real author.

After the tragic accident I became an aggressive atheist, but my arrogance disappeared with time. As I kept writing the strange philosophical romance inspired by the unconscious mind, I understood that there were many complications that I was not taking into consideration when I was judging God's decision.

I ignored the real reasons why someone had to die. I also ignored how the world functions. I was so ignorant that I couldn't criticize anything.

After translating the symbolic meaning of the dream images contained in the strange romance I had written after the car accident, I understood that I was absurd. This book was trying to open my eyes.

I verified that God didn't abandon me, even though I had abandoned Him. I recovered my faith, ashamed of everything I had said and written when I was an aggressive atheist.

I understood the meaning of the car accident in my life. I found many answers.

God told me that I was receiving grace because I wrote a literary book with the intention to put an end to poverty and violence.

Receiving divine grace? I felt so important! I couldn't believe this was really real. I felt proud of myself because I had written this literary book, even though it was in fact inspired by the divine unconscious mind.

I thanked God because he saved me thanks to my literary talent. Then, I asked Him if I could do anything to help Him somehow. He was always very serious and sad.

God told me that He couldn't save me with the information He gave me in my literary work. I had to pass through psychotherapy.

He also told me that yes; I could do something to help Him. I had to be crucified in His place, and imitate Jesus' example. I had to attain sanctity in order to face craziness like a hero, and prove His existence to the world.


I hated my position. I didn't want to prove God's existence to the atheistic world.

Nobody would believe me. I hated my mission.

I obeyed the divine unconscious mind against my will only because I recognized my ignorance, my absurdity, and my evilness.

However, I felt that God was like a blackmailer. He managed to imprison me into a deep trap. First of all, He showed me that I was totally absurd and I needed psychotherapy. Then, He told me that the only solution to my problem was to obey his guidance and attain sanctity.

I didn't want to have the behavior of a saint. I had never had such intention.

God told me this was indispensable. I had to agree with His plan and stop complaining. Otherwise, I had to bear His punishments.

He sent me many diseases and pains. He treated me as if I was a monster.

God was right. I really was mean, cruel, indifferent, and absurd. My heart was frozen. I had no doubt that I had to obey His guidance if I wanted to escape craziness, terror, and despair.

Thanks to my obedience (always against my will) I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience; our wild and primitive conscience. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics. This is why we are absurd, violent, and idiotic. Our anti-conscience is Satan.

I didn't want to be the one who would have to prove this bitter truth to the world, and also prove that God produces our dreams in order to save our sanity.

It was already more than too difficult to attain sanctity, or fight craziness. I didn't believe I would ever be able to attain sanctity. I was an impatient dictator like my father. The process of transformation I had to pass through would never end.

I hated my existence. All the joy I felt because I could discover so much after better understanding the dream language became a nightmare.

I hated God, I hated the Universe, and I hated the human race. I hated my destiny. I hated everything.

Why me?

After calming down, I concluded that I really had to make my decisions based on the knowledge I had acquired after continuing Carl Jung's research. I couldn't ignore my absurdity and my dependence on a safe psychotherapy.

I knew I could trust the divine wisdom, but I couldn't trust human doctors. There was no second alternative for me.

I agreed with the fact that I had to transform my personality, but only in a theoretical level. I basically disagreed with God's method.

He demanded too much from me. I obeyed His guidance besides disagreeing with His plan only because I understood my position.

God gave me a heavy cross, telling me that I was a terrible demon. I had to pass through many crucifixions.

I had to learn how to be humble in order to escape schizophrenia. I had to prove to the world that only the obedience to God's guidance can save humanity from craziness and terror by fighting my anti-conscience and winning this battle.

I hated my existence.

I obeyed God's guidance against my will, writing many blasphemies in numerous notebooks.

God took advantage of my ignorance.

If I had to become a psychiatrist, why didn't I study psychiatry in a university?

Who would trust me?

I had many objections to this plan. However, God told me that I had to obey like a soldier, because there was no solution. My obedience was a miracle He was trying to make during billions of years without success. Only if a demon like me would accept suffering in His place in order to prove His existence to the atheistic world, would the world really believe in the truth.

I had to always remember that I needed psychotherapy because I was a terrible monster and stop complaining because this was my destiny. I would become schizophrenic like my father without the miraculous unconscious psychotherapy in my dreams.

I would be a cruel dictator and rule the world with my absurd ideas. God was giving me the chance to attain sanctity and find sound mental health only because He was sorry for my victims.

I was the worst demon existent on Earth. I would generate a third world war and kill all children. I would eliminate the human race with my evilness and absurdity. This is why God chose me for this difficult mission. This is why He was trying to convince me that I had to attain sanctity.

He was in fact trying to prevent a big catastrophe. I was extremely dangerous.

God gave me a great literary talent in order to help me keep my sensitivity somehow alive, even though I was so cruel.

I had the impression that I was a good person because I was very generous when I was a child. My goodness was admired by the nuns at my school and by everyone around me. However, this generosity was the result of all the luxury I had. I lived like a princess.

I had the impression that there was goodness in my heart, but this was not true. When I became a teen my powerful anti-conscience provoked the tragic car accident with the intention to take advantage of my suffering, and generate a neurosis within my conscience. This is why I became so aggressive and cruel.

My destiny couldn't be different. I had inherited too many absurd tendencies and I was too violent.

My literary talent was very important for many reasons. It worked like psychotherapy for me, and it helped me continue Carl Jung's research. I had to be a literature writer in order to understand the meaning of craziness and logic. The cure for all mental illnesses depends on the elimination of hypocrisy.

As a literature writer, I learned how to criticize the human behavior. After the accident I started using irony to express my thoughts, while before I used to merely play with words and beautiful rhymes.

I started writing always with the intention to say something important. I was transformed into an authentic philosopher who was searching the meaning of life.

I used to criticize the human absurdity even before the accident, but after this shocking experience, my criticism became arrogant and offensive. The car accident made me understand the meaning of terror and uncover the global hypocrisy.

The unconscious mind made me criticize the human behavior with irony in order to help me easily identify the signs of hypocrisy. I also learned very well the meaning of logical thinking because I was an excellent writer.

I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts. I had great facility on analyzing what was logic or illogical.

However, I discovered that the cure for all mental illnesses is based on the development of our sensitivity, and not on our cruel rationalism. God showed me that without sensitivity, there is no balance.

I had to learn how to uncover the false logic contained in all types of absurd thoughts, which initially seem to be logical. This way, I would be able to denounce the false logic of the anti-conscience and show to the world the difference existent between the anti-conscience's thoughts, and the thoughts of our human conscience.

The absurd thoughts sent by the anti-conscience to our human conscience seem to be reasonable. We cannot perceive their evil and absurd side from the beginning.

God prepared me to be able to understand the absurdity of the anti-conscience in its early stages.

My literary talent and the observation of my father's behavior helped me clearly understand the difference between perfect mental health and absurdity. After curing many people through dream therapy for two decades I learned how to put a definitive end to the anti-conscience's tyranny.

If I would study psychology and psychiatry in the universities of the ignorant world, I would only waste my time repeating the common mistakes of the human race.

God's plan was perfect.

However, I couldn't agree with His plan even after understanding its importance because this plan was based on my suffering.

God was always reminding me that I should be grateful because I had the chance to prevent schizophrenia and learn how to be wise.

Today I'm more than grateful for the psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind. I'm also grateful because I can cure invincible mental illness based on the unconscious guidance in dreams.

Today I agree with God's plan because I saw that His plan is really brilliant.

However, when I had to bear being humiliated, condemned, and despised by everyone, I believed that God's plan was ridiculous.

Whenever I would mention what I had discovered after continuing Carl Jung's research, everyone would tell me that I was probably wrong and I didn't know what I was talking about.

Nobody respected my research and my studies.

Nobody would ever recognize the fact that I was a dream expert, and everything I had discovered. Nobody would ever pay attention to my existence. Nobody would even give me the chance to prove the value of my work.

Fortunately, even though I basically hated God's plan, I was extremely obedient. I understood that I was in danger. I knew that I could trust God's wisdom, but I had to be afraid of my dangerous ignorance.

Then, a big miracle happened.

The computer was invented!

The internet united all countries of the world.

The internet was especially created for me. It was the best way to transmit to the entire world the knowledge I had acquired after continuing Carl Jung's research, without depending on anyone's recognition.

However, who said that those who had top rankings would simply let my websites take their place?

I had numerous enemies. They tried to kill me from the beginning of my adventures as an online business owner.

Who sad that internet marketing was simple?

First of all, who sad that I remembered the English lessons I had when I was young?

I had to rewrite in English the scientific book I had written during 19 years in the complicated Greek language.

Who said that the world would believe that a simple woman like me could discover the cure for all mental illnesses after continuing Carl Jung's research?

Who said that the world cares about God's existence or about reading His words in their dreams?

The world keeps being ruled by atheism, materialism, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed.

When will my work put and end to craziness and terror?

When will the world pay attention to the meaning of dreams?

I'm still trying to prove to the world that only Carl Jung managed to really decipher the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language. Nobody understands the difference existent between dream theories and real discoveries.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness. Learn more at:

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