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Friday, November 30

How to Boost Your Energy Levels in Just 5 Minutes

If you want more energy to remain active and enjoy your day, you can make use of the following tips to give you the extra boost that you need to conquer all the challenges that you will face during the day:

Tip 1-Make your bed

Even though this sounds small and insignificant, this 'small' ritual helps to create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom. This calm atmosphere causes a soothing feeling to permeate through your bedroom which helps you to relax and sleep better when you are in your room.

Therefore, if you are able to use this it will help you to sleep very well at night so that when you wake up in the morning, you would be highly refreshed and strong enough to face the challenges of the day.

Tip 2-Prepare and pack a snack before you leave the house

Prepare a healthy snack to take with you before you leave your house in the morning. You can make use of fruits, unsalted nuts, and vegetables to make healthy snacks. If you have your healthy snacks ready in the afternoon, you will not be tempted to eat junk foods when you start to feel hungry.

Tip 3-Tidy your desk

Remove all the stray papers, scattered coffee mugs and all other things that clutter up your desk. If you can tidy up your external environment, you will be more organised and focused.

Tip 4-Listen to music

Good music helps to lower your blood pressure and your stress levels; it also helps to elevate your moods and keep you upbeat more easily. Download as much music as you like into a playlist on your MP3 player which you can listen to when you are at work and when you are exercising.

However, make sure you don't set the volume of your earpiece to a very high volume so that you don't end up damaging your eardrums.

Tip 5-Sniff soothing natural scents

Some fruits like lemons, basils, junipers, and lavenders have natural stress relieving scents that you can sniff to calm down your nerves.

Tip 6-Gentle stretching

Engage in gentle stretching exercises. You can stretch your arms over your head, and you can also raise and lower your shoulders gently a couple of times. These stretching movements help to improve the circulation of blood in your body and they also help to relax muscular tightness that is caused by the effect of stress.

Tip 7-Meditation

You can take out time to ponder upon bible verses that talk about the goodness and the faithfulness of God; you can meditate on inspiring bible verses from the book of psalms.

Tip 8-Count your blessings

Count and keep a record of every good thing that has happened to you. If you keep your mind constantly thinking about the all the negative things that are happening in the world around you, you will be drained of all your energy.

However, if you (and you can) choose to deliberately keep your mind on only the good things that are happening to you, you would experience higher levels of inner energy as you give thanks for all the good things that has happened to you.

Tip 9-Turn off your gadgets

Take a break from your tablet, personal computer, flat screen television, and mobile phones from time to time. Just switch off everything and unwind especially at night before you go to bed.

Even though the world is on for 24 hours every day of the week, you should switch off from time to time.

Tip 10-Set your priorities

You cannot do everything that you want to do every time. Make a list of all the things that you want to do and arrange them in their order of importance and then you can start doing them one after the other as you start from the top of the list.

If you do this, you will gradually do most of what you want to do after some time.

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Thursday, November 29

3 Reasons Why CrossFit and Farmers Markets Go Hand-In-Hand

I am sure no one will argue that the American local farmers markets are making a strong comeback due to various reasons affecting the majority of citizens. The American economic landscape has eroded over the last five years due to things that can be considered unnatural. The financial and agricultural industries have been injected with unnatural constructs and biological uncertainties. For this reason, the true long term effects have yet to be realized.

CrossFit, on the other hand, came from very humble beginnings with the purpose to bring fitness and overall improved physical health to the masses.

Greg Glassman introduced CrossFit to the world via the Internet by posting constantly varied, high intensity exercises. These exercises were functional in nature and performed at a level of intensity that very few individuals could handle, even seasoned athletes.

Strong communities like Law Enforcement, First Responders, and all branches of the Military embraced the CrossFit standards and rose to new levels of fitness. CrossFit participants (AKA: CrossFitters) began to standout in unit-level competitions.

The CrossFit standard began to catch on worldwide across cultures and industries alike. The CrossFit Community was formed by individuals helping individuals become more fit both mentally and physically.

So let us explore 3 reasons why the community effect of CrossFit and the local farmers markets are so closely related.

1. Eating and Drinking Clean Organic Foods and Beverages

The farm-to-market concept was how it all began before the technology of agri-business came into play. Big agri-business is more concerned with profits and shareholders not the quality of the products produced. Cutting corners and playing with God's genetic design has only led to decreased nutritional value for the earth and human being alike.

Part of the CrossFit fitness standard is nutritional health. So the most efficient way to get your nutrition is to eat as many high quality organic whole foods as possible. Which means foods that are not genetically modified (GMO) and foods that use minimal or no pesticides. The farmers that produce these foods use natural forms of composting for premium soil nutrients and, heirloom seeds that still retain high nutrient quantities from the pre-agribusiness timeframe.

Drinking clean filtered water is key to maintain proper hydration. The reverse osmosis method of filtration is the most trusted and reliable. Any beverage being produced should us filtered water of the same standard. Fermented beverages like Kefir and Kombucha contain life giving enzymes that help provide the harmony and balance your digestive system needs.

Last but not least, the consumption of pasture-raised animals that are grass feed and are allowed to feed off of their natural habitat. Feedlot animals are raised in harsh conditions which require artificial means to help them fight off infections (i.e. multiple vaccinations) and are fed the cheapest of food that is counterproductive to the animal's health and well being.

2. Supporting Locally-Owned Businesses

Strong communities are built on supporting local business. People-helping-people is where true community health and wealth is built. Building a tribal effect of truly caring for your neighbor and their family can only lead to prosperity. I always say, "you can truly see where someone stands when you take money or the pursuit of money out of the equation".

The CrossFit affiliate is a community entity that has a passion for helping people in their local community. Its members are a special group of people that believe in charitable giving that support local causes.

3. Growing Community Relationships

Knowing the name or names of the individuals who produce your food strengthens your bond with those folks and it gives them an incentive to continue to produce food at very high standard. As individuals benefit from the local produce, they spread the word. The local farmers market is usually a family affair with several generations that come out and visit.

CrossFitters, in the same way, receive such a great benefit from the workouts and members work hard to involve their entire family and close friends. Similar recommendations from CrossFit members show the strength of the movement which show no signs of slowing down.

The Bottom Line

For total health and wellness, support your local farmers market to fulfill your nutritional needs and visit your local CrossFit affiliate to fulfill your physical fitness needs.

Either way, you can't go wrong.

Duane Waits Owner/Head Trainer of CrossFit Revealed serving the North Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock and Leander, Texas area "Get Physically Fit For God, Health, and Wellness"

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Good Nutrition from quality organic foods from your local farmers markets and good quality functional physical fitness will provide you with long lasting health.

Find and join your local CrossFit Affiliate. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Wednesday, November 28

Fresh Kava Root Versus Dried Kava Root

Unless you are fortunate enough to live on or visit one of the many tropical islands on which the beautiful kava plant grows, chances are you will only ever come across dried or pre-prepared kava root products. Although, in a perfect world, it would be possible to ship fresh kava root to people all over the world, the fresh root does not keep well once it has come out of the ground, making it almost completely impossible to ship safely. On the other hand, dried kava root that is powdered will last for over two years, while dried kava root that has been minimally processed will keep for much longer. Therefore, the preferred method of kava exporters is to sell the dried root rather than trying to deal with all of the complications of shipping the root fresh.

Nevertheless, I want to take a moment to extol the many virtues of fresh kava root, in order to ensure that if any of you ever have the opportunity to work with the fresh root you take it without hesitation. First of all, fresh kava root will almost always be more potent than its dried counterpart, and it will also most likely taste sweeter, as well. It can be difficult to know when buying dried kava root how old it really is - some companies likely leave their dried root sitting on shelves for months, even years - but with fresh kava, you can be assured that it was just harvested. Furthermore, the young lateral roots of kava are known to taste much sweeter than the older taproot of the plant, probably due to different alkaloid contents in the lateral and vertical roots of the plant. When you buy the fresh root, you know exactly what type of kava root you are receiving, as well as what strain it is. This extra level of control will allow you to craft the type of kava experience you really want to have. A final benefit of fresh kava root is that traditional Pacific kava ceremonies always utilize fresh roots, so if you want to experience the real spirit of the kava plant, fresh root is definitely the way to go.

If you do not live in a Kava growing area, and if you cannot foresee a future in which you might have the chance to visit one, don't feel discouraged. I still have good news for you. With a little bit of conscious effort, it is absolutely possible to make your dried kava root experience as close to 'fresh' as possible! The most important thing is to find a supplier that offers high quality dried kava that has not been sitting around for too long. Now, no company is going to admit to selling stale kava, so here are some tips for figuring out which kava supplier is the best:

1. Try to buy your kava direct from a farm, if possible. Kava farms sell to retail outlets and kava bars as well as individuals, and therefore tend to have a much higher turnover rate than retailers. Therefore, kava purchased directly from a farm tends to be much fresher. Fortunately, there are plenty of kava farms who will sell directly to you over the internet.

2. The more details a kava seller provides about the kava, the better. Look for mentions of the specific strain that is being used, where the kava is grown, even kavalactone content! There are many types of kava, and this information will help you to discover what types are the most effective for you.

3. Finally, a great way to determine if your batch of dried kava is potent is to notice whether the prepared kava beverage numbs the insides of your mouth and your tongue. The more numbing quality you experience, the more kavalactones are likely to be present in the dried kava.

By using these tips and doing a little research, you will be able to create a dried kava experience that is as close as possible to the fresh kava experience. And if you are ever in a Pacific island region, make a point of searching out some fresh kava root - you won't regret it!

Kona Kava Farm ships worldwide and offers safe, effective, and unusually potent Kava made only from the roots of our organic-certified, estate-grown plants. Don't forget to register for our free monthly Kava giveaway when you stop by as well. Aloha no, Makaira Kealoha. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Tuesday, November 27

Is Healthcare a Luxury?

Healthcare is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Melody Barnes, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council states, "Health care costs are exploding. Many people are bringing in less income every month and seeing their premiums go up at the same time. It's affecting the bottom line and businesses. It's also affecting the fiscal well-being of our country."

We all want a good health care system that's affordable and as long as I can remember our government has been trying to come up with a solution with not much luck. Some of us want it to be up to the individual, while others think it's a government problem. Our health care system has many aspects to it that we aren't looking at and for the most part don't want to. To tell you the truth they are looking for a solution that will never happen. In the west we are trying to kill the disease no matter what it is, a common cold, the flu, or cancer.

Kill! Kill! kill!

It will never work in a 100,000 years. We will never be able to fix a system that is built on the wrong premise. Our government, the drug companies and the large corporations are in business to make money and that's what they are doing.

It's not healthcare, it's sickness care. They are not educating us about health. They're hiding as much as they can and not focusing on health. I believe when they say they want to cure a disease like cancer they are speaking metaphorically.

In Spanish there is an expression (Con de los dientes para fuerat) 'they speak from the teeth out.' We all have heard the saying that food is our medicine. We eat every day, at least most of us do. In the United States McDonald's, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Wendy's Taco Bell, and all those chicken places are not there for your health.

They serve cheap unhealthy food that people are eating on a daily basis. Food is medicine and if you're eating unhealthy, sooner or later you are going to be unhealthy. You either have to pay more by only buying organic food, taking soda, meat and most restaurants out of your life or you have to pay with sickness and an early death.

People ask me all the time, 'isn't our government protecting us from unhealthy food?' Hell No! We now have heavily poisoned chemicals on most food grown in the USA and it could even be worse in other countries. Our food is being genetically engineered. GEO for short this is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques affecting the DNA of the food.

At this time we have no idea what this will do to our health. For the most part this is banned in Europe and the rest of the world. If you want to have good health care it is up to you.

You have to take responsibility for your own health. Eat a healthy diet; drink a lot of clean water, exercise every day, educate yourself and if you can grow your own organic garden. Think about your health not about your belly -if you think about your cravings like pies, chocolate brownies, cake, fried foods, hamburgers and fried chicken you're going to end up with some form of dis-ease and then complain about the poor health care you are getting or they are not giving you.

Grow a garden, eat food that grow in your area, eat organic as much as possible, stay out of fast food places and stop complaining. You are in charge of your own health or you're out of control.

They are not going to fix it; they don't want to fix it. If you want the best health care start reading labels, ask questions and stop buy junk food. If no one buys it- it will go away. Demand healthy food. I know if you bought a new sports car you wouldn't put the cheapest gas in it, would you?

You'd buy the best yet you put more poor fuel into your mouth daily.

I wish you the best in your Health Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Monday, November 26

How to Protect Yourself From Common Age-Related Health Concerns

Why do we fear old age so much? A Swedish sociologist Lars Tornstam describes this by asking what a 10 year old would say if we asked him what it would be like to be 20. It would be awful to him. There would be no play time. There would be no summer vacation. He would have to get a job! But at twenty he would look back at the age of 10 and say: "There's no way I'd want to be 10 anymore. I have so much more freedom now. I'm making money. I can do whatever I want." But what if you asked him what it would be like to be 40? "It would be awful. I'd be stuck in the rut of a job. I'd be stuck with a wife and kids." And so on. But the end of Dr. Tornstam's analogy is our concept of old age. For some reason our culture fears old age. In general we fear becoming elderly. Our concept of old age is associated with a lack of contentment with life.

Why is this? Why do we despise grey hair and wrinkles? Why do we fear those "golden years"? Why do we scramble to embrace the concept of youth? Why are we so quick to be associated with that insecurity and inexperience and foolishness of youth? How insecure, inexperienced and foolish of us! What do we think we will lose with old age? Is it the excitement of a new experience, or the opportunity of new tests and challenges? Is it the virility of sexual experiences?

It was a typical clinic day. I was seeing patients with diabetes and hypertension, colds, and a recent broken bone. The next patient on my schedule was Carl Fisk. I had never seen him before. He was scheduled to be in my clinic because his regular doctor was gone that day. The reason he was here was for a medication refill. I looked through his chart and found that he was 82 years old and about 3 years ago his wife of 51 years had died of breast cancer. "Oh no" I thought. "This is going to be a totally depressing visit". I had thoughts that his visit would be filled with discussions about depression and sadness. With this I took a deep breath and entered the room.

Mr. Fisk sat in the corner of the room reading a magazine. He had shiny grey hair and a bright smile. As I walked in he stood up to shake my hand. He wore circular glasses that shined in the light of the clinic room. He was well dressed with khaki pants and a tucked in, blue plaid shirt. I introduced myself, "so what brings you here today?" I asked, prepared for an onset of tears and a possible discussion of antidepressant medications.

"Well doctor", he began, with more energy than I had expected. Mr. Fisk had a strange smile on his face. Like a 10 year old who just got into a jar of cookies. "The last doctor I saw gave me a prescription for Viagra, and I wanted to see if I could get a refill."

Caught off guard I stammered and looked through his chart. He was in the clinic only 2 weeks ago and had a prescription for 10 Viagra pills. Did he use them up already? After regrouping, I continued on. In his chart there were no contraindications for him to take Viagra, and he had no adverse side effects. There was no reason he couldn't continue taking this medication. As I was writing his script (for twice the supply and refills), he said a peculiar thing. "You know doctor," he began. "People think that as you get older, you can't have sex anymore, but I haven't been this sexually satisfied in years."

We shook hands as he left and I moved on to my next patient. But I couldn't stop thinking about how happy he was. My initial notion was that he would be a sad lonely old man. But he was the exact opposite.

Over the next few months, I saw Mr. Fisk a few more times. Each time he was as friendly and happy as the time before. We began to get to know each other better. He had a new girlfriend, and was busy spending time with her and his daily golfing games. At the time, I was doing a Geriatrics Fellowship and it was exciting for me to find an elder so excited about life. We talked about this for a while, and he invited me over to his apartment to see for myself. I decided to take him up on the offer. After working around his busy schedule of golf, dating, and volunteer activities, we agreed to meet on a Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Fisk lived in a retirement community with a combination of houses and apartments, surrounded by wooded trees and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His apartment was on the first floor in the center of the community. He answered the door with the same smile he always had, and invited me in. Mr. Fisk was a humble man. His apartment was Spartan in its decoration. As I entered, the kitchen was on the right, and the living room on the left. There were only a few pieces of furniture in the living room. A comfortable old green couch and a soft matching arm chair opposite it. There was no television in the room. There was just an old stereo with a record player. Mr. Fisk invited me to sit down on his couch and he sat in the arm chair. I started by asking him how his girlfriend was. His smile immediately broadened and his eyes beamed. "Oh, you mean my sweetheart!" he suggested, "well, we just got engaged! You have to see a picture of her!" Mr. Fisk jumped to his feet and ran to another room. He returned with a 4x6 framed picture of himself standing next to a lady with his right arm wrapped around her shoulder. She looked about his age. They were both smiling broadly. Her name was Janet. As we continued our conversation, he could not stop talking about his "sweetheart". It was as if he were a teenager smitten by love. Even when the subjects of our conversation would change he would find something about his new fiancé to bring up in the conversation.

During the afternoon, we talked about other aspects of his life. He was a retired pastor, he played golf almost every day with a group of friends. He volunteered in the community at a Nursing Home. His previous marriage had been wonderful. He had three children who were spread all around the country, but he was still very close to them. I left his apartment that afternoon with a sense that his days were busier, and fuller than mine seemed to be.

Since that day, Mr. Fisk married Janet. His children, came from all over to be at the wedding and he had a honeymoon at a beach in South Carolina.

Carl Fisk is extremely happy with life. He is content, and the opposite of what we think old age has in store for us. We fear the onset of old age as if it is the first nail of our coffin. But with old age we don't have to lose our ability to enjoy sex, we don't lose the excitement to fall in love again. When we are older and full of experiences, by stepping back and looking at our life, we only change the paradigm of what happiness is. Maybe that is what we don't realize when we fear old age.

My name is Arsheeya Mashaw. I am a Geriatrician in a rural town in Virginia. If you are interested in reading stories about my experiences as a Physician please look at my blog Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Sunday, November 25

5 Minutes to Find Your "G" Spot

Are you tired of the same old things day in and day out?

You know how it goes. The alarm goes off. You drag yourself out of bed. Down the stairs. Eat breakfast. Shower. Go to work. Come home. Watch TV. Go to bed only to start the whole thing all over again the next day.

On top of that you feel that the world is wobbling at a rapid rate at this point in history and you may be moving through periods of intense fear, loss, and uncertainty; you may feel off-balance, almost as if you are spinning at a different rate than the planet.

Find out in 5 minutes

But, what if you could find out in 5 minutes a simple strategy that has the potential to be the turning point in your life? Would you like to know how to do that? Would that be cool?

If there ever was a time to tune in and listen to your heart, it is now! Feel your heart beating. Start with you. Just breathe. Just be with your heart and feel the power. Know that you didn't have to buy this heart. It is there residing within your chest ticking away and keeping you alive.

Welcome to something quietly powerful

Pssssssst! Around the corner, down the bend in the road, in the unseen, the shift on this planet is happening. Just because you can't physically see a flower growing, doesn't mean it's not.

And, this is precisely the time to find the "G" spot. Yes, that's right. Being Grateful for the little things is absolutely the way to bring more into your life.

If you could only glimpse at the huge potential you have to create an amazing, spectacular life, you would all rise up and embrace those haunting moments of uncertainty, those awesome twists and turns, those bewitching coincidences... the ones that say "What are the chances of that happening?", with such a fierceness it would astound even you! And you would come to realize that it is not happiness that makes you Grateful, but, rather it's your Gratitude that brings happiness on!

So, go forth and give to this planet a kind word, a moment of compassion, or an act of love. Be Grateful that you can do these simple things. These things, so under-valued, are truly the priceless ingredients in the wisdom of life! Go ahead find that "G" spot because Gratitude really is a journey that's best tasted every day.

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Saturday, November 24

Are You Stressed To The Max? Then Get Help Here!

You should try and keep the stress in your life under control. You can cause yourself serious problems like heart disease, insomnia, muscle aches and depression if you are stressed. If you get enough sleep, you will reduce your stress level, and find it easier to stay in good shape and stay healthy.

While video games and other hobbies can typically be very relaxing, if you find yourself becoming frustrated then you should put it down. You should clear your head and let yourself relax, do not give into stressful feelings or frustration.

Surprisingly, getting better organized can reduce stress. A common cause of stress can be clutter, an inability to find things, or even procrastination. Stay organized; your stress level will decrease when you feel in control.

No matter the source of your stress, you always want to think positively. If you are thinking negatively then things will seem much worse then they really are. Every problem that is eliminated can be quickly replaced by the next one. A positive focus on your life will enable you to live it in a positive and happy way, with stress kept well and truly under control.

Give stress relief tonics a try. Homeopathy could help you reduce your stress. These remedies are absolutely safe and can be very efficient. There are some herbs (Kava is one of them) that have been found to be just as effective as Xanax (alprazolam) in helping people relax and stay calm.

Music can sooth the savage beast that is stress. It is commonly known that music therapy can cut down on stress if you find the music relaxing and soothing. So choose music that works well to relieve your own stress, because what might be soothing to one person, might not be the right stress reliever for you. Listening to music you like will cause your brain to release serotonin, which will make you feel calm and happier.

The first step to getting a grip on your stress level is to take an analytical look at how you could improve your methods of dealing with it. Try recording your responses to stressful situations over a period of a month or so. Looking closely at your reactions to times of high stress can help you to self-analyze whether you are using appropriate means of fighting it. If the way you handled stress only made things worse, you can seek new ways to manage stress in your life.

When someone is giving you directions or instructions, you will be less stressed later if you pay close attention the first time. In order to relieve stress, always be sure to listen attentively when instructions are given. For example, when your doctor gives you advice, or when a teacher lectures in class, paying attention will help you retain important information.

Music is a great stress reliever. In fact, the effect of music is powerful and strong. Science has shown that listening to music has a calming effect on the body. People's musical tastes differ widely; you need to figure out what sort of music works to calm you down and help you relax.

Calming scents can melt the stress away. Smelling soothing things, such as peppermint, rose, thyme, lavender, bay leaves, and eucalyptus, will relax you. In a small container you can add some popular scented oils and a bit of rock salt to create your own aromatherapy. Whenever stress starts to overtake you, just smell one of your favorite aromas.

Working for a living is hard enough without having to be stressed out while doing it. Stress causes many problems such as weight gain, premature aging, and can damage your relationships. Take the advice you've learned here and put it into practice to battle your stress successfully! Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Friday, November 23

Three Costly Mistakes Preventing Your Peace of Mind

Mistake #1 - Your body and mind are separate. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It's been said that "You may fool yourself some of the time. You may fool others some of the time. But, you can never fool your body. It is the most sensitive barometer of your inner world." And, both are inter-connected. "What tones and calms one, soothes and improves the other."

Your behaviour is actually creating worldly and psychic frameworks that future humanity and your descendants will inhabit.

Solution - Choose your acts and thoughts very wisely. Life responds to wise attention in remarkable ways! A body scan is a good way to begin to live mindfully. Your mind has a direct impact on your body. What inhabits your body? Your mind. If the mind is tense, and disconnected, the body will match. Doing a body scan is a simple technique that helps you to energetically wake up your body-mind connection.

Mistake #2 - Your Thinking Mind. I know it sounds silly but most people's thinking is automatic, repetitive and involuntary. You don't think. Thinking happens to you. The voice in the head has a mind of its own, and unfortunately most people are at the mercy of that voice. Your mind picks up all kinds of things from earlier in the day and "replays" it endlessly, or it's restless and can't stop running around. These are all very powerful internal states and your mind gets attached to this conditioned way of thinking. Your mind wants attention right now!

Solution: Get out of your head! Let go of the stories. Free your mind by sitting quietly. Try paying attention to your breathing. This not only changes the direction of your focus, but it also helps in not strengthening your wayward thoughts.

Mistake #3 - Your Ego. Yikes! This is a big one. For thousands of years humanity has become mind-possessed. Because we have become so identified through our mind, a false sense of ourself came into being - the ego. And there's even more to this.

Another dimension of the ego is emotion. Emotion turns into ego when you identify with them; that is to say when they become "I" takes over.

Explained a different way, let's say that you see two of your friends over in the corner having a quiet conversation. Your mind observes this and then begins to chatter away. Saying things like "I bet they're over there talking about me." Or, "I just know that they're talking about what happened today at the gym." You have not only become emotional, but the situation becomes about you.

Solution - How do you get a handle on this? You need to let go of the story and return to the only place of power. The Present Moment. You hang onto your stories because it strengthens your identity. But, nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being Present Now. And, if the past can't prevent you from being Present Now, what power does it have? Again, become quiet in your body and allow your mind to become still so it can see what is really there. This is called having a mindful experience.

Here's what I have for you. Visit me at You can catch the free online webcast to see for yourself how easy this can be. (Come on, you know you can do this!) Invest in yourself. You're worth it! Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Thursday, November 22

Why Love Could Be The Clue Behind Your Desires

I've been a law of attraction believer for many years. I remember hearing about, 'The Secret' for the first time in 2006. I had just received an inheritance, and was subscribed to all sorts of making money and improving your life-type magazines and newsletters. I remember one morning, receiving a newsletter that introduced, 'The Secret'.

Now, at the time, I brought, 'The Secret', loved its content, and began to try to implement its principles. The whole concept of the images in your mind manifesting, and that I, ultimately, had the power to act like the divine in creating whatever reality I chose, was an idea that wouldn't let go!

So I tried visualizing while, 'feeling' my goal to come true. I would visualize quickly about seeing someone that I had fancied at work, and lo and behold, I would get to speak to her in a few hours time. But something was missing. I didn't like my job and wanted to leave, yet I was still stuck in this whole reality that I desperately wanted to change.

Fast forward 7 years later, and things, physically at the very least, hadn't changed. What went wrong? Is the law of attraction a complete hoax, or is there something to it.

Well, it took several out of body experiences for me to realize where I was going wrong. I became curious about the art of astral projection back in 2008. I say art 'loosely', for in truth, everybody has them every night. It's an art to do it consciously, as the temptation is to become emotional about the experience.

But, lets backtrack here, what exactly is astral projection, and how does it differ to an out-of-body experience, and lucid dreaming?

Well, to be honest with you, out-of-body experiences and astral projecting is the same thing. The term astral projection is the more socially accepted idea, where as an out-of-body experience (obe) is more accurate. Both of them are essentially the same thing, which is the act, of the truer part of your conscious, or your sub-conscious, to leave you body and go, 'inward'.

Now, that sounds like a contradiction in terms. How can you leave the body, and go, 'inward'? Surely you go outward, right?


Everything you see about you is the outer epidermis of the multiverse (defined like that as there is more than one universe within itself, like peals of an onion) Therefore, if your body is the furthest point on the universe scale, when you leave your body, by very nature you are going within. Don't forget the Big Bang. It shrunk before exploding!

When you leave the body, you are very aware of your environment. This isn't a dream, this is definitely real. And you thoughts manifest. Almost instantly. You become aware that thoughts are manifesting through you rather than at you. Lucid dreaming is like an obe, but you are simply not fully aware of your situation. It's like a more clearer form of a dream. You're still dreaming, but the world is just a little bit more clearer. Manifestation is also a bit more hit and miss.

You see, it took a few experiences to realise that thoughts do manifest, the only difference being is that in the obe, you are travelling within the inner dimensions of the multiverse, and therefore time is no longer there. Therefore, everything manifests almost instantly! So you do have to watch what you think about!

The only reason thoughts take longer to manifest in the physical world, is because of the element of time. But this is where the, 'now' comes into its own. In truth, there is no such thing as time. Time exists only in our imagination. Take away time, and be in the present moment, as in truth, 'now' is all there is. Manifestation happens a lot quicker then!

So, fast forward to 2012, with all these experiences, and I began to see why my life was initially wrong. I began to practice being in the present moment and tried to turn this into a daily habit.

But something was missing! I was more at peace, and was slowly enjoying life more, but my desires were still not completely manifesting. I knew I was still missing something.

I came across a concept about acting from love. I knew from my spiritual teaching that all there was was love. Love was your soul, and was the language of the multiverse. When I had listened to interviews from successful people, they had always maintained that you needed to act with love or joy to become successful. As your soul is unconditional love, and when you meditate, you feel that (that is why meditation is so nice) and that feeling of love is also infinite intelligence (as infinite intelligence is all around... some scientists have already said that there is an intelligence behind what you are seeing with the naked eye) it made sense that if you act from love, you are in a sense, 'allowing' your desires to manifest.

Oliver Dodd is an expert in meditating and achieving peace using Chi, Theta and Delta meditation. If you would like to learn to meditate within 60 seconds and not only achieve peace of mind and spirit but also to manifest your goals in life, click here to begin! Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Wednesday, November 21

Sleep Is Necessary to Life

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. According to a recent report, 70 million Americans are having trouble getting a good night's sleep. Research from Harvard Medical School's Division of Sleep Medicine has shown the critical importance of sleep in fortifying the body and keeping the mind clear. Modern science has also shown how necessary a good night of sleep is for maintaining healthy brain functions such as memory and learning skills.

Why So Many of Us Sleep Deprived

The reasons are not surprising. For many women, stress is the main reason for lack of sleep. When you're mentally stressed at night, the body increases its production of cortisol, the stress hormone that acts like a shot of adrenaline preventing restful sleep.

For others, it's the culture we live in with so many temptations to stay up late surfing the internet, texting friends, playing video games, checking emails, watching Netflix, etc.

Many Americans are also over-worked with longer hours and night shifts which leads to an over-indulgence in caffeine from coffee, soda, energy drinks and sugar.

The Important Benefits of Sleep

There are so many reasons to get enough sleep. Studies have linked sleep deprivation to a higher risk of stroke and insomniacs are more likely to suffer a heart attack than those individuals who sleep well at night.

Getting enough sleep at night will also make your mind sharper, your skin healthier and your body slimmer. You will even be nicer and may improve your marriage since lack of sleep can make us irritable and cranky.

Learn How to Sleep Again

Remember when you could fall asleep and stay asleep, waking up feeling rested and refreshed, ready to take on the day? When left untreated, trouble falling asleep can lead to chronic tension, anxiety and even weight gain.

If you are ready to check yourself into sleep rehab or need a sleep intervention, then consider the following sensible tips to help you reclaim your rest and get the type of deep sleep that will rejuvenate your mind and your body.

Tips to Sleeping Better at Night

- Turn off all electronics one hour before bedtime.

- Take time to unwind with a warm bath or good book.

- Set the thermostat to a cooler temperature at night to promote sleep.

- Ease up on the amount of caffeine you drink, especially after 3 PM.

- Maintain a consistent sleep-wake schedule including the weekends.

- Consider a sleep mask to block out all light that can disrupt your sleep.

There is no one single solution to improve sleep that works for everyone. Try doing a few things differently at night to find out what works for you. It will be worth the effort because sleep is a basic necessity just like eating and can have a significant impact on every aspect of your overall health and well being. Sweet dreams!

About The Author: Robyn M. Cooke is the editor of which has everything you will need to reach your weight loss goals, including great advice, great products and the inspiration to succeed! Remember, the best investment you can make is in yourself! Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Tuesday, November 20

7 Activities to Help Reduce Your Stress

So many of us are on an epic journey to seek a variety of tools for quick stress reduction. Finding and sustaining some level of inner peace and harmony on a daily basis seems to be more challenging everyday. Many of these stressors we create; others are imposed upon us. We work too many hours, even on the weekend. We're constantly checking our emails, text messages, social media accounts and voice-mails. We stress out about our finances. We stress out about our work loads. We stress out about the future, forgetting to stay in the moment. Keep in mind, the media is not in the business of making you feel good. Likewise, friends, family, co-workers or business partners who feed on drama and the misfortune of others contribute additional stress and disharmony to your life; it can be very difficult to get away from it.

The good news is there things we can do to minimize the impact of daily stresses on our minds, bodies and spirits and when done continuously, really does work. This stuff is probably already things that you know about, however, if you don't employ them, what good are they going to do for you? Remember that wherever you go, there you are and so is your stress. It's very difficult to enjoy the moment of wherever you are if you're so highly agitated that you're unable to do so. You have to be able to get your head above water to take a breath. When you're bunched emotionally, making clear-headed decisions become challenging to impossible. What follows are 7 simple activities in which each are powerful in their own right.

1. Gentle Deep Breathing. When we are emotionally triggered in unpleasant ways, which is more often than not, we tend to hold our breath, effectively locking the breath and the emotion, up in our body. This causes toxicity and is the root cause of most dis-ease and illness. Your very life depends on your willingness to breathe with awareness and use all of your lung capacity. Conscious breathing refocuses your attention from the outer world to your inner world, reducing tension and stress. Several effective calming breathing techniques include alternate nostril breathing, left nostril breathing, the 4-7-8 count breath and deep breathing in the yogic corpse position. Do your due diligence and research before attempting.

2. Ground. Grounding is as essential as breathing. This activity keeps you energetically rooted to the earth, which is important when you feel overwhelmed and for many of us, this is an everyday occurrence. Grounding can help you feel "solid", strong and resolved. When you forget to ground, you may feel as you're being tossed around like some tiny rowboat at sea during a typhoon. Get bruised enough and you'll start to remember to anchor yourself. There are a number of ways to ground, but here's a quick one for you to do: (Do not do this while driving) Get somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Breathe deeply several times in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine a huge column of white light coming in through the top of your head and down through your body, out the bottom of your feet and into the earth. Do this for several breaths. Next, imagine a great tree: your legs are the trunk and they go deep into the earth. Do this for several more breaths. Continue the imagery and breathing until you feel calmer and more relaxed.

3. Shake or dance. You can either do this in public or in private just as long as you move. Energy is active, kinetic and requires movement. When we are feeling heavy and stagnant it is because our bodies are telling us it has too many energy blocks and it needs to move. Move freely and unrestricted, allowing your body to express full-range of motion. Make sure you breathe while you're doing this. Have fun! This activity disperses stagnant energy, wakes up the body and dissolves tension.

4. Listen to soothing music, chimes, singing bowls or running water. Some people relax through sound and vibration. When our fight or flight centers get activated through stress, which unfortunately for most of us is chronic, we have a hard time coming down and getting rid of the excess energy. These sounds can help to reduce the agitation of the sympathetic nervous system, which when activated by stress, releases adrenaline and lactic acid into the body; this is no bueno, especially when done over a long period of time. Listen to one or more of these sounds and breathe deeply at the same time. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Just listening to these sounds can have a profound effect on your emotions and your central nervous system. My favorite relaxing sound: listening to the sound of a rain storm.

5. Scream. Sounds simple enough right? Screaming can be a powerful eliminator of tension. However, DO NOT DO THESE WHILE DRIVING. You might actually pass out from the temporary increase in your blood pressure, especially if it's already high from stress. Screaming out your frustrations gives you an opportunity to again, kinetically move that stuck energy and give your voice when you can't say what you want. Another technique that works very well is called "HA" breathing. If screaming doesn't appeal to you, forcefully breathe out while saying "HA!" Breathe in through your nose and HA through your mouth.

6. Cry. This is one of the most underused forms of releasing stress. Crying is mistakenly seen as a form of weakness. Crying has a very powerful effect on the body as it releases extra stress hormones from the body and helps the body dump toxins associated with holding on to anger and frustration. When you have one of those days when it all just becomes too much, instead of engaging in a numbing activity that involves eating junk, drinking alcohol or taking some kind of drug, which just shoves it down further until it comes back in the form of an illness or disease, just find a quiet place where you can be alone and just have a good cry. You'll feel a whole lot better when you're done.

7. Herbal teas. There are several herbal teas out there that are well-known for having a sedative effect on the CNS and lowering stress, which can affect the quality of our sleep, a key component for reducing stress: getting enough sleep. Chamomile and Lavender tea, which can both be steeped directly from the flowers and seeds, are excellent at soothing the nervous system. Ginseng tea is another great herb which clears away that bunched feeling that comes from mental exhaustion and insomnia. You can also try Valerian, which is another great tea for helping you get to sleep and we all know that a lack of proper sleep just adds to our stress levels.

These are just a few suggestions that can be applied just about anywhere and at anytime. Most of them are free; herbal tea does not cost very much, little goes a long way and it can be carried with you anywhere where you can get hot water.

Long-term chronic stress has, unfortunately, become a way of life for most of us and we have an obligation to ourselves to find ways to reduce or even eliminate it. People have made radical changes to their lives in order to regain control of a life that has gone rogue because of stress.

When used regularly, these grounding and centering activities will have positive, far-reaching effects on your body, mind and spirit.

Charyn is co-owner of Gurl Know, a resource site for the Community of Women who want to live and love better in their lives. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Monday, November 19

Using Hypnosis And Your Subconscious To Eliminate Stress

Most of us enjoy getting regular massages. Massage does for our body what Hypnosis does for our mind.

When I go, I get a relaxation massage and other times a deep tissue massage.

A few years ago I was getting more deep tissue than relaxation and thought it a bit odd. I was in for a relaxation massage and she kept reverting to beating the shit out of me each time.

There were times when I would swear I was in a boxing ring. From my neck all the way into my legs were lumps and bumps that were squished, squeezed, poked and pushed. Truthfully speaking, at the time the only thing I remember being so freaking painful was childbirth.

To some conservative massage therapists you may think this is unnecessary or quite frankly inhumane. And let me elaborate, I am NOT exaggerating!

I left with more pain than I went in with. In fact on numerous occasions I had bruising the next day!

The woman giving me a massage was a friend of mine, and top in her field. She taught me more about my body than I ever learned in my years so far.

As I lay near dead on her table, it occurred to me all the stressors I have allowed in to create this much havoc on my body. A small portion related to physical activity but the rest was all created in my mind.

I was going through some difficulties and allowed my mind to overtake. I internalized everything, was angry and wouldn't let it go.

And this is what I endured to get rid of what I, alone, had created.

Stress is often overlooked as normal and some stress is. Stress is created based on our thoughts about things. Like anything else we can choose our thoughts about the things in our life or we can allow them to overcome us and create disastrous side effects.

While I was laying on, what felt by now like a slab for a corpse, the table, I got real serious about this. Here I am, working hard, giving my all, all in the name of helping others, and myself and I in fact was causing more damage.

In one hand comes my paycheck in the other it goes to someone to knock the self abuse out. Isn't that was stress is? Self abuse? Think about it. My thoughts created all this misery inside my body. I was becoming low functioning because of all the tension and tightness. Then, I go out and do it all over again.

Why would anyone in their right mind do this? Why, when we can choose to see things in any light we want, make our thoughts so incredibly vile and hateful?

Think about this the next time you have these thoughts about yourself or of anything else. It ties your body up in knots and you WILL pay for it.

With negative thoughts, you bring about what you think about. Not only was I in incredible pain, my life on the outside was showing no signs of calm either.

This is the point I asked myself "Is it worth it"?

If you are finding 'changing' your thinking habits too difficult this is where hypnosis comes in. In a very short time, by accessing your subconscious mind, that mind that drives your behaviours, you will not only be able to change your thinking but all the negative things that your thinking has created.

It's worth it in the long run.

Suzanne Jones is a certified Hypnotherapist. She has a blog at With the understanding everyone has different reasons for doing things, hypnosis will allow for change specific to that reason. This in course, saves time, money and heartache along the way. You can and will feel like yourself again once you eliminate self defeating behavior.

She writes in her blog, topics everyone can relate to, and personally experienced. Visit for great tips, better understanding, and products that will assist you in your journey to becoming whole again. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Sunday, November 18

Your Ultimate Guide To Reiki

Reiki is a technique developed by a Buddhist monk in 1922. It is widely accepted as a method for therapy, stress reduction, relaxation and some professionals even consider it to be a form of medicine.

How Does It Work?

Reiki is based on the concept of an unseen energy force constantly flowing through and around us that actually causes us to be alive. If we have a high amount of this energy force, we will become healthy and happy. On the other hand, a low amount of this life force energy is considered to actually cause sickness, depression and general unhappiness.

Practitioners believe that reiki works through transferring this universal energy through the palms in their hands. Effectively, they are channeling this positive energy through their hands and onto the person.

This technique is actually surprisingly simple to teach. A student could simply attend a class with a master known as an "attunement". During this class, the master would pass the ability to access an unlimited amount of life force onto the student. In theory, this would then grant access to happiness and general wellbeing.

Types Of Reiki

There are roughly 25 different types of reiki, the following are the most widely used and important.

Karuna- The effect of Karuna can actually be transferred through chanting and is often used to help overcome addictions.

Usui- This was named after the founder of reiki, Mikao Usai. This was the first type of Reiki, the rest have branched from this.

Tibetan- Using many of the techniques used in Usai reiki, it is considered to be a very powerful Tibeten method for attunement.

Rainbow- This works by using the 7 main chakras within your help repair the physical and mental aspects.

Gendai- Gendai can be translated into modern. The creator brought a strong Buddhist aspect to the original teachings.

Practitioners of reiki believe the only reason we are alive is due to the life force flowing inside us. They believe that it is flowing through us via the pathways known as nadis, meridians and chakras, as well as an aura surrounding us. This life force is used to feed out organs and major cells inside our bodies. If there is a lack of life force flowing to these areas, this is when we will experience bad health. They use reiki during these circumstances, in order to increase the levels of positive life force and increase happiness and health as a result.

If you feel that you would like to learn more about Reiki or would like to experience it for yourself to see if it works, then pop on over to Christi Reiki Master. She is a specialist offering reiki in Bristol. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Saturday, November 17

How to Approach an Energy Clearing (or Energy Healing) Session

We all sat in that classroom as little kids.

We learned that "energy cannot be created or destroyed." We also learned that it can change its form of expression. This is a lesson we can call upon now and use it every day of our lives as we consider energy and healing. Of course, in that science classroom, they talked to us about light and heat, etc. We are going to apply this principle in a way that transforms pain into joy, misery into ecstasy, and anger into love.

Recycling Energy

If you've ever had a garden, you might have found that the energy of the previous year's waste could be turned into the next year's nourishment through a method of composting. And recycling in general has become a major part of our culture and a household word.

As you ponder these methods of taking things that are old and unwanted, and putting them through a process of transformation to bring forward something helpful, useful, and advantageous, you begin to see into the power of the energy clearing session. This is what those who are called "energy healers" facilitate.

The Value Hidden Within Pain

Every pain, misfortune, or mode of suffering, represents a field of conflicted energy. When that field is harmonized, when it is restored to its original state of clear energy, the power locked within the conflict is released and becomes available. That energy can then nourish the soul and move you forward toward the desires of your heart. You may experience this as a feeling of lightness, happiness, inspiration, or a burst of creativity. These are the markings of a spiritual healing.

The Past Lives Within the Now

Energy patterns can trace immeasurably back in time. You can see them running through distant events of your personal history, woven though your ancestral lines, and echoed in the remnants of past lives. Whether or not you believe that you have had past incarnations matters little because it is your current vibration that is being cleared. You may hear this described differently in the context of different energy healing techniques, and that is why it is helpful to understand that the past lives within the now. And this is where it must be harmonized in order to free your now and roll out the red carpet for your future (which also lives in your now).

Pains Gone, Relationships Restored, Happiness Flowing

Regardless of the reason you seek energy clearing, whether it is a body issue, a financial worry, a painful relationship, or anything else, it is best to come to the session with a willingness to let go of your problem and to allow it be transformed into something wonderful. With this spirit of openness, and an honoring of your essence, the energy clearing session can amaze you with the power of its results.

You can experience an energy clearing session first hand at no charge. Bring one issue to the call. It can be about your body, emotions, relationships, finances, or anything else that is causing you pain. Be prepared to let it go and have it transformed into something wonderful in your life. Get your Free Guest Pass to the next energy clearing session at Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Friday, November 16

Ignore Your Prophetic Dream At Your Own Risk

Premonitions, prophecies and precognition all refer to an experience, (dreams, waking thoughts, visions, etc.), which anticipate a future event that can't reasonably be gathered from information available by usual means prior to the event. These prophecies (or premonitions or precognitions) come to us most often through our dreams and are no more paranormal than are dreams themselves.

Since ancient times the belief that dreams are either warnings or prophecies has been very common. The Talmud, the Hebrew sacred book of practical wisdom, reveals that the Jews gave great importance both to the dream and the interpreter of dreams. There are at least fifteen references to dreams and prophecies in the King James Bible, and this idea has also been supported by non-religious texts, by oral traditions and in books such as the Artemidorus Oneirocritica written around 140 AD.

There are a number of recorded instances wherein prominent individuals have had prophetic dreams that have impacted history in one way or another. In some cases, like with Abraham Lincoln, the dream was ignored with dire consequences, while others were more cautious and heeded the nocturnal message.

About two weeks before John Wilkes Booth fired the fatal bullet that struck Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theatre, Lincoln dreamt the details of his own funeral. In his dream, he entered the East Room of the White House where he saw a coffin lying on a platform. Soldiers, acting as guards, were stationed around it where a crowd of mourners were gathered. When Lincoln demanded to know who is dead in the White House, the soldier replied, the President. He was killed by an assassin. After Lincoln's assassination, his casket was placed on a platform in the East Room of the White House where it was guarded by soldiers.

One of the most dramatic examples of prophetic dreams, and dreams that would have had the power to change the world if only they had been taken seriously and acted upon, was a dream recorded on the morning of June 28, 1914, by Bishop Joseph Lanyi of Grosswardein, in Hungary. The bishop dreamt the entire scene and details of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife. This dream is of considerable historical significance because the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand set off World War I.

In 1959, Rita Dwyer was working for an aerospace company as a research chemist when an experimental rocket fuel exploded in her lab. She was instantly engulfed in flames and would have died if it weren't for the fact that a co-worker had had recurring dreams of the event and knew exactly what to do to save her life.

When the fuel exploded in Rita's laboratory in waking life, step by step, her co-worker re-enacted his dream. Heroically, he ran into the blazing laboratory, grabbed Rita by the only part of her body not on fire -her foot- and dragged her to safety. She's alive today only because her co-worker and friend remembered and took his dream seriously -and then acted on the information it contained. Had he dismissed the dreams, like so many do, his friend would not have survived.

Robert Van de Castle reported this heart breaking account in his book, Our Dreaming Mind: In October, 1966, in the Welsh mining village of Aberfan, a massive coal-tip slid down a mountainside killing 144 people, mostly school children. A young girl, Eryl Mai Jones, told her mother about a dream she'd had where she does to school but there's no school there. "Something black has come down all over it." "I'm not afraid to die," She told her mother, "I'll be with Peter and June." When the huge slag deposit slid down on the school two days later, Eryl Mai, Peter, and June were among the 118 children crushed or buried alive.

In 1999 a then, sixteen year old girl, woke up from a dream one morning terrified. In her dream she had hit and killed a young boy while driving her car on a back road. The dream so disturbed her that she related it to her mother, who, as do most people, dismissed it as just a dream. A few days later, the girl was driving down a quiet rural road when she had a nagging feeling that she should put her seatbelt on and slow down. She ignored her intuition. However, only moments later a voice told her to put on her seat belt and watch her speed. The voice was so loud and so strong that she buckled her seatbelt and kept an eye on the speedometer.

Before she knew what had happened, she saw a tuft of brown hair in front of her car. Horrified, she watched and heard a seven year old boy roll across the hood of her car, fly over the roof and land on the asphalt behind her. She stayed with the child as he died. After thirteen years, the young lady, who now has a son of her own is suffering from PTSD and is terrified to let her child out of her site.

Had she taken the dream seriously, or heeded its warning, she may have made different choices. Perhaps she wouldn't have driven down that particular road. Maybe she would have been more diligent and alert while driving. Or perhaps she might have asked someone else to do the driving for a while.

One dreamer had a recurring dream every night for a week. In the dream her mother, who was deceased, paid a visit and told her that she would not see her brother and sister-in-law again and that they would not be "here long." The dream was very disquieting and she wanted to warn her brother but her husband told her not to be so 'silly.' Two days after the last dream she picked up the local newspaper and on the front page were her brother and sister-in-law. They had been killed flying to Spain. The dreamer had had no idea they had even gone on holiday.

Although prophetic dreams can address anything from what you're going to wear to work next Wednesday to a devastating earthquake, they're generally classified into specific types or categories:

Apparitions: These are dreams wherein the dead appear in order to deliver an important message.

Clairaudient Dreams: These types of dreams involve hearing voices or sounds that are extremely distinct and clear. The voice seems to come from nowhere. You usually don't know the source of the voice or sounds. It's imperative that you pay attention to the message in this kind of dream.

Clairvoyant Dreams: These are dreams where you're dreaming of something that's happening in waking life at the same time as the dream.

Empathic Dreams: In these types of dreams you're generally moved by an event in the dream but aren't sure why. You experience clear and sympathetic feelings and sensations. You "feel" something is going to happen.

Telepathic Dreams: You're able to connect to someone else's thoughts through a dream. These dreams usually occur between close individuals.

Warning Dreams: As the description suggests, these dreams forewarn of impending danger, disaster or death. These types of dreams often give you the opportunity to alter the outcome.

In ancient Egypt several papyri have been discovered which relate to prophetic dream interpretation. They specifically note the appearance of 'opposites' in dreams. Thus, the suggestion is that to dream of a birth could refer to an imminent death. To dream of winning the lottery could signify a financial loss, etc.

In an ancient Indian book of wisdom, the Artharva Veda, dating from about 3000 years ago, it's stated that the time of night that the prophetic dream occurs gives a clue as to when the dream event will transpire. A dream occurring early in the night, for example, will be realized later than one occurring near dawn.

Psi researchers have discovered that prophetic dream information often comes to us in the form of some kind of publication such as a TV or radio announcement, broadcast or news flash, in a newspaper, email, or nowadays, a text message, etc.

There will always be exceptions to the rules, but generally, I've found that most people report prophetic or precognitive dreams as being very sharp and clear. In fact, it's often reported that the dreamer seems to be in the dream rather than just watching it. Colours are usually reported as being enhanced, crisp or bright. Sounds tend to be exceptionally clear and loud and the overall dream is often reported as being hard to distinguish from waking reality.

The best way to identify that you're having prophetic dreams at all, and the most effective method for recognizing the elements of a precognitive dream is, as I've said many times before, to keep a dream journal. As you start recording and re-reading your prophetic dreams you'll notice which elements are or aren't present in them. By doing this, you'll also encourage more prophetic dreams.

It's sad that in modern Western societies, we have fallen into the habit of speaking of dreams as "only" dreams, as something less than real. The materialists of the Victorian era dismissed dreams as uncivilized yearnings and repressed desires never to be discussed in polite society. The reductionist scientists of our era try to convince us that dreams are merely the product of random neuronal firings or the brain's way of cleaning out unneeded and unnecessary information picked up throughout the day. When I read research reports along these lines, I wonder how much time the authors have spent with their own dream journals.

More often than not, it takes something shocking or unbelievable to shake us out of our comfort zone and our entrenched belief systems. Many, many people refuse to accept that dreams are even "real," let alone able to change our lives. Thousands of years of data have proved that they are. However, no amount of evidence, or anecdotes, or reports will ever change a hard-nosed skeptic's mind. It takes a experience to alter concepts and beliefs, and this goes for dreams as well.

I believe that the majority of us have the ability to become practicing prophetic dreamers. We're all capable of receiving life changing information and assistance from our dreams for ourselves as well as for other. However, we must be willing to set aside self-limiting beliefs and practice.

Terry Gillis is a dream investigator, researcher and author and would like to invite you to participate in her ongoing research and become a part of the growing dream community by posting your dreams on her blog. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Thursday, November 15

How Do We Sometimes Get Sick?

According to Google, approximately 7,480,000 global monthly searches are done for the keywords "how do we get sick." In America and across the world, people are crying out for help in understanding the science of preventing disease. How do we get sick should not continue to be a common question if we search medical research with the intent of finding out what is the major cause of our sicknesses.

In 2011, one of ABCNews' headlines read, "'Lifestyle' diseases the world's biggest killer." It said that "non-communicable diseases are now the leading cause of death around the world"; the World Health Organization blames "... the rise in 'lifestyle' diseases[:]... tobacco use, poor diet and the harmful use of alcohol, and warns public policies are needed to prevent them." If we want to be well, we must personally adhere to this warning. National Geographic highlighted a community in Loma Linda, California that is the longest living in America because it emphasizes having a healthier diet and lifestyle. If this is a major key to wellness, then what do we need to consider practically in our own lives?

A 19th century, prolific writer on the subject of health gave a time tested principle on how we get sick and gave tips on how we can be in a healthier state. "Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health. In case of sickness, the cause should be ascertained. Unhealthful conditions should be changed, wrong habits corrected. Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system." Ministry of Healing, 127. How do we sometimes get sick? Like Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me, we might have not paid attention to the lifestyle related causes of our illnesses.

In order to ascertain the cause of disease, we need ask ourselves a few simple questions. How is my nutrition? Am I exercising regularly? Am I drinking enough water? How much sunshine am I receiving? Do I avoid harmful substances and activities, and am I temperate in the beneficial ones? Am I getting fresh, vitalizing air? How much rest do I receive each night? Do I trust in divine power?

Asking these questions help us get a big picture view of lifestyle changes that we might need to make to have more vibrant, healthier lives. We might have looked at the attainment of health as something that only comes by chance. However, as we study our human bodies just like even former US president Bill Clinton did after a stent was placed in his heart, we'll learn that the question of whether or not we get sick has more to do with our diet and lifestyle choices than we might realize.

Franklin Morris works at Wellness Secrets, a health retreat in Decatur, Arkansas, that features a five day live-in lifestyle center where people learn more in depth how we get sick and how to practically make changes in their diet and lifestyle. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Wednesday, November 14

The Dream Incubation Experiment

My purpose in researching, writing about and investigating dreams is to help you to become aware of and appreciate the power of your dreams, and to provide you with information on how to use those dreams in a variety of useful ways. I want to inspire you to move from perhaps being an unconscious dreamer to where you're using your dreams for intentional foresight that will lead to personal, psychological and spiritual growth and evolution.

The solution to perplexing and sometimes frustrating problems, as well as everyday solutions to mundane issues, can reliably be resolved in the dreaming mind. Historical records bear witness to humanity's attempts to seek (and receive) guidance, wisdom and solutions through their dreams.

The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indigenous cultures, and many, many more have dedicated sacred sites, writings and resources to the study and incubation of healing, problem solving, creative and guidance dreams. Even in modern times, dreams have helped solve problems in science, politics, literature, religion and almost every other industry, segment or part of society, as well as with everyday concerns such as health, finance, relationships and so forth.

Inventions as varied as Elias Howe's sewing machine needle-where he dreamt the solution to the problem with the needle to be the placement of the hole at the pointed end-- and J. B. Parkinson's computer-controlled antiaircraft gun, were conceived in dreams. Scholar Herman Hilprecht reported that he dreamt that an Assyrian priest revealed the accurate translation of the stone of Nebuchadnezzar.

Problem Solving

The most common use of dream incubation is to request a solution to a current or continuing problem in your work or home life. These may be along the lines of whether to ask for a raise or make a career change; whether to have a baby or marry your current beau; If now is the right time to take the plunge and buy that little house, or move to another part of the country.

Several research studies have examined different aspects of problem solving and dreams. Wile, in 1934, addressed the incubation issue when he measured how long it took children to self-induce a dream on a desired topic. In 1974, Dement tested 500 undergraduate students by giving them three "brain-teaser" problems to solve while they slept. Morton Schatzman, in the 1980s repeated the Dement experiment, giving brain-teasers to huge numbers of people in England via the mass media.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, of the Harvard Medical School, Behavioral Medicine Program, conducted a study of dream incubation for problem solving. However, unlike the researchers before her, she explored how subjects would do if they could solve problems of their own choice, rather than predetermined puzzles or problems.

One of the more interesting results of the Barrett study revealed that a solution was usually arrived at by the start of the dream. It didn't appear that the problem was being struggled with throughout the experience. However, in some instances, the solution was presented through subtle hints which built toward more obvious ones until the conscious mind finally "got the message."

Inventive and Scientific Solutions

Inventors, by nature are dreamers; sometimes in a very literal sense. Nikola Tesla, famous inventor of the high-voltage transformer (Tesla coil), for example, often perceived his inventions in dreams and in dream-like mental visions. Tesla reported that he "saw" his inventions as if they were real on the screen of his mind's eye. He claimed that the power of his imagery was such that he could do "experiments in his mind."

Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz was the great chemist who revolutionized the study of chemistry with the discovery of the Benzene molecule. In a dream he was shown an image of a snake biting its own tail and realized that the molecule was a "closed chain."

In 1922, Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in physics due to a dream that enlightened him. He was trying to figure out what the structure of an atom was. One evening he fell asleep and in his dreams he saw the nucleus of the atom, with the electrons spinning around it, just like our solar system with the sun and planets. He knew immediately that this was the solution to his problem. Further testing and experiments proved it to be true.

Creative Solutions

Dreams can provide creative insights and solutions as well as practical and mundane ones.

Mary Shelley, who in the company of her famous husband Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and others had been reading aloud a collection of ghost stories, became part of a plan, suggested by Lord Byron, that they all write ghost stories of their own.

According to Mary Shelley's journal of April 1817, after listening to a long conversation between Byron and Shelley on the speculation that, "Perhaps a corpse would be reanimated," she retired to her bed well where, stimulated by the evening's conversation, was unable to sleep. When finally she did fall into blissful slumber her "imagination, unbidden, possessed and guided me, gifting the successive images that arose in my mind with a vividness far beyond the usual bounds of reverie," she wrote, and thus Frankenstein was born.

Robert Louis Stevenson was influenced by his dreams. He wrote an essay in which he called his dream helpers "the Brownies. Whenever he was stuck for a character, plot or story he'd make a request of his "Brownies" and in the morning he'd have what he needed.

Edgar Allen Poe's personal favourite work was The Lady Ligeia. He was particularly captivated by her eyes, which had met his in a dream. Her eyes were "far larger than the ordinary eyes of our race. They were even fuller than the fullest of the gazelle eyes of the tribe of the valley of the Nourjahad."

Healing Solutions

Like Edgar Cayce, though perhaps not to the same degree, we can all request health related information, advice and even diagnoses. In 2004, I was suffering with terrible headaches daily. I had visited the doctor but, after a cursory examination, he informed me that there was "nothing wrong." Frustrated with his evaluation and flippant attitude, I decided to diagnose the problem myself... with the help of my dreaming mind. The dream I received that night told me that my diet and my anger with a situation in my life at that time were the cause. A change in eating habits and attitude alleviated the headaches.

The Power Of The Mind

Anyone who's experienced a creative breakthrough or insight through their dreams knows that the dreaming mind has a power we don't experience while awake. This power is unfettered by time, space, or self-imposed limitations. It reaches into the endless, boundless and eternal universe of unmanifest potential, where unlimited ideas, inspirations and imaginings lay in wait.

When you incubate or request, a resolution, solution or guidance dream, your sub/unconscious and superconscious mind work in unison to bring you the best solution for you at the present time. In some instances you may have been thinking about a particularly troubling problem for days, weeks or even months, but hadn't been able to resolve the issue. Then, out of the blue, you have a dream that makes everything crystal clear. At other times, you might not have consciously been focused on any particular problem, but you have a dream that provides you with a big "fix" for your life in general. It may be that the issue was smouldering in the back of your mind for quite a while and your dreaming mind finally brought it to the forefront for you to deal with.

Incubation Method

There are tons of resources on how to incubate or request a specific dream. What I'm sharing here is my own personal method. Feel free to adjust it to your liking.

The most important part of dream incubation is setting an intention. The more clearly your intention is articulated, thought or written, the more likely it is that you'll dream the answer to your question, problem or issue.

Clearly define the issue in your conscious mind first. What do you want your dreams to work on? Are you seeking the answer to a technical question or a career decision? Are you inquiring into a health or physical concern? Are you debating a relationship issue? By clearly understanding the problem or concern, you'll better understand the solution given.

If you usually keep a dream journal, write out your question or query on a new page. If you don't have a dream journal, any piece of paper will do. If you can draw an image, add a photograph, sketch the problem, add the additional information.

Once you settle into bed for the night, start thinking about the issue you want your dreams to work on. Repeat the question or statement you wrote out, over and over while you drift off to sleep.

That's all there is to it. You may not get an answer, solution or response the first time you try dream incubation. If this is the case, don't be disheartened. If you keep with it, you will get the answers you need. The most common reason new dreamworkers feel that their efforts yield no results is that they don't recognize that the dream or dreams they receive relate to the problem at hand (or each other). However, what I've found is that once I begin investigating the dream story, I'm surprised to discover how much they do in fact relate to my concerns and that they do indeed offer practical and sound solutions.

Like any new skill, dream incubation takes a little bit of practice and some patients. Once you begin using your dreams to explore and resolve issues, problems and concerns, you'll discover how invaluable the information they offer really is and you'll wonder why you didn't start requesting guidance sooner.

The Experiment

The point of this entire article is to provide the background and reason for an experiment I'm conducting, and to invite you to take part in the research. From October 31, 2012 to December 31, 2012 I'll be requesting information from my dreams on a variety of topics. I will also be attempting to incubate information for others as well.

Every day (or once I receive an answer/response to a dream query) I'll post the pre-dream request or question on the blog at: I'll then post the dream I receive. If you would like to participate, either by incubating your own questions/queries or by requesting that I incubate an issue for you, post your question or incubation and dream on the blog.

At the end of the eight weeks, I'll write up a report and article on the experiment and our results.

For more information or details on The Dream Incubation Experiment click here.

Terry Gillis is a dream investigator, researcher and author and would like to invite you to participate in her ongoing research and become a part of the growing dream community by posting your dreams on her blog. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Tuesday, November 13

Revitalize Your Energy for Fall

As we go into the Fall season, so much about Nature begins to slow down after the hectic Summer months. As the days get shorter, our bodies want to revert to our natural inclination which is to prepare for Winter and Winter's hibernation time. Because of this, it's possible for our energy levels to begin to drop.

But we, unlike Nature's animal kingdom, have our busy lives and it's necessary for us to keep up our energy and vitality at the highest and best levels possible.

Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this:

1 - Turn on more lights - Whether at home or at the office, turn on more lights. This helps ward off the natural sleepiness that darkness brings. Also, if you have access to and can use light bulbs which give off a natural light spectrum, these are most helpful. If you are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this type of light bulb is most important for you to counteract your condition.

2 - Go outside and breathe deeply - The cooler, dryer air of Fall can be stimulating. Breathe it in deeply to invigorate yourself and to clear out your lungs and other toxins from your body.

3 - Stick to a healthy diet - We are fast approaching the holiday season with all its candies and rich foods. By eating healthy now, you can enjoy a few more indulgences later. Also you will help avoid many illnesses that start going around this time of year. And don't forget to drink plenty of water and take your vitamins and supplements.

4 - Stick to you are exercise regimen - Exercise gets your metabolism fired up and contributes to improving your overall health, immune system and stamina.

5 - Get plenty of rest - Even though you want to be energetic, you also need to balance with good, restful sleep to maintain your body's equilibrium. One without the other can cause health issues.

6 - Make plenty of R and R time for you and your family - Get out and enjoy the benefits of the season; attend a Fall Festival or carnival, take walks and enjoy the colors that Nature provides this time of year. These add happiness and joy to your life to lift your spirits and your energy.

7 - Open up the windows - Our homes need to breathe too. Open up and let the air in to clear out all the old energy, mustiness, smells, etc.

8 - Meditate and bring the energy in - During your daily meditations, see yourself pulling in bright, energetic light; see it replenishing your natural batteries. Spiritual energy is just as important as physical energy, so welcome it in daily.

By using these tips, you will have an energy filled, joyful, and productive Fall season.

Please leave a comment and tell us what works for you to increase and maintain your energy levels? Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Monday, November 12

Using Fitness Consultants Can Help Save Your Life

Being unhealthy will not allow you to reach your full potential naturally or spiritually. Did you know that a Fitness Consultant can guide you every step of the way to a new and improved you? Not knowing what types of foods to eat or the correct exercises to do could lead you to a road of unhappiness. A professional fitness consultant can provide you with every fitness and nutrition key that you need to guarantee your success in less time then you could have ever imagined. A single session with a Fitness Consultant can really enhance your knowledge about health and wellness. Health is something that you can't buy at a store you have to work at it but you will gain confidence and feel better than ever.

Did you know that most people who start exercise programs without professional help abandon the program within the first two weeks? Proper instruction is an essential key to succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals. Having no experience or previous knowledge will hinder your progress, causing you to waste a lot of unnecessary time and ultimately will get you very little results. Fitness Consultants are for everyone you do not need any previous experience and there are no age requirements. Having knowledgeable information about your health is something that you can pass on to friends and family that could be worth more than gold.

Did you know over fifty percent of today's worldwide medical problems are caused by bad eating habits and poor exercising efforts? According to medical doctors adult obesity is at an all-time high nationwide, and child obesity has tripled within the last thirty years. In an effort to enhance employee work performance most large companies are making it a top priority to invest in health and wellness programs. Think about it how an employee can be productive at work if they are eating unhealthy foods, and constantly absent from work because they are sick. Most people look at being healthy and physically fitness as a glass half full but that's merely the case it's a life style change not a ninety day quick fix.

In addition to health and wellness fitness is an art that has many challenges that must be balanced, and guided through instruction and discipline. Proper nutrition along with routine exercise is the only natural keys to a happy and more fulfilling life. Did you know that most people pursuing weight loss skip breakfast which is the most important meal of the day? The truth is your body needs proper nutrition and water to function properly. Did you know that the human body consists of sixty percent of water? Moreover an individual will be amazed at the amount of information that one can learn from a top class health professional.

Sometimes the smallest things can be of extreme value which can ultimately save your life. For example weight lifting exercises helps people achieve stronger bones! But a person that doesn't consult with fitness professionals would never know this life changing information. That's why fitness consultants are so important knowledge is power and it's a unique key that can unlock doors that you've never imagined. Not having the correct knowledge can limit your ability towards reaching your goals. Making a choice to live a healthier lifestyle is most often a tough decision that's why it's most important to talk with someone who has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs.

For more Information to go: there you will receive a free book on self Improvement and also a free health chart. Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Sunday, November 11

Why Dissolving Your Fears Are Crucial To Your Success

I was watching the Big Bang Theory the other day...

Normally I loved this show to bits... the characters are so funny, so human, and the situations (plus Sheldon... ) are just brilliant.

I had brought the 1st season DVD set, and was watching an episode where we were introduced to Sheldons twin sister. She was tall, dark, and pretty, and predictably the other characters fancied her...

Now normally this wouldn't bother me! After all, most comedys have a pretty girl, where guys swoops to get into her good graces.

And for a while at least, the swooping wasn't too bad.

But then it got sickening. As the story progressed, the sister got far too much attention needed, and the usual date-asking game went on for too long...

... to the degree where each guy character took turns to knock on poor Pennys door, and asking the sister out... and all the while, the sister (politely, of course) said, 'No'

When it cam to Rajs turn, the poor guy didn't even speak (the character in the 1st season had trouble speaking to girls) and made a small wimper that excruciatingly lasted for a good minute (although it felt like more), before walking down the stairs. The sister took it in good spirits (mentioning something about a dog) and finally said goodbye to Sheldon. Then the episode ended.

I hated it! I hated the constant swooning, and (regretably) could relate to what some of the guys went through. Pretty women had power... and they knew it!

I remember a few of my earlier experiences, that guys would sometimes drool over women that had the looks, and the very thought disgusted me.

So much so, that for the next 5 hours, I was practically in a bad mood, going through emotional turmoil, before a thought hit me...

Why am I doing this?

This happens a lot. The producers are only trying to produce a comedy after all... Some people will like that stuff, and some people will hate it!

Not everyones taste are the same!

Then I thought about a comment made by Steve Pavlina on his site, about that fact that if you have an emotional reaction towards something, in nearly all cases, it means that a part of you sees that situation inside yourself.

Fast forward to William Burlmans tip for out-of-body exploration. "Confronting and dissolving the energy manifestations of my own fears, limits and blocks are essential for my spiritual growth"

What had happened, was what started out to be a good day (I had previously felt good before watching the episode) had turned bad, all because my soul showed me some, 'past programming' and I hadn't recognised it as such!

Even in good times, you will always see a manifestation of fear of some sort, and its primary reason is for you to simply, 'dissolve it'.


Because you are not thought... although you may use thought to create (in fact you do... )

You are not emotion... although you may use emotion to create (in fact you do, as emotion is, 'Energy in 'motion')

You are soul... unconditional love, unlimited creativity and infinite!


Therefore, you must always seek to dissolve any fear you have. Attack your fears... be relentless (if needs be).

Best way of attacking them... project unconditional love towards them!

Oliver Dodd is an expert in meditating and achieving peace using Chi, Theta and Delta meditation. If you would like to learn to meditate within 60 seconds and not only achieve peace of mind and spirit but also to manifest your goals in life, click here to begin! Providing quality counselling articles, hynotherapy writings and other mind help resources online.

Saturday, November 10

How Stress Affects the Body, And Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Stress is an IBS trigger, but it also causes many other problems. It can have a profound effect on your mental and physical health. Here are some facts that might surprise you.

Human beings encounter stress as a daily part of life. Every change in routine that requires us to react causes a little bit of stress. We respond with ingrained responses. Some are inherited; others are learned.

Little bits of stress are beneficial; they keep us alert and ready to respond to the difficulties of life. In fact, the only people who don't experience stress are dead. However, prolonged periods of stress can have a devastating effect on your health, with symptoms such as:

• Colon spasms in people with IBS
• Upset stomach
• Altered digestive activity
• Headaches
• Sleep disturbances
• Elevated blood pressure
• Chest pain
• Tachycardia
• Irregular heartbeat
• Heart attacks
• Trembling or shakiness
• Decreased productivity at work
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Loss of sex drive
• Menstrual irregularities
• Female hair loss
• Chronic fatigue
• Muscle pains
• Skin disorders
• Recurring infections
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Shortness of breath
• Memory problems
• Depression
• Mental breakdown
• Substance abuse
• Abnormal immune system response

Stress also exacerbates conditions such as restless leg syndrome.

Relatively minor stress affects many people with irritable bowel syndrome. IBS itself causes stress, especially if it is accompanied by a lot of pain; this creates a self-feeding, vicious cycle that is often hard to break. It may affect close friends and family; they watch their loved one suffering, which tends to perpetuate the cycle as everyone becomes tense and anxious.

There is a huge benefit to be gained by removing or reducing the negative stress in your life.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Avoid watching the news for a few days. Opt for comedies or upbeat musicals instead.

• Take a day off if you work in a stressful environment.

• Hunt for funny photos at Try searches like:

- smiling cat

- laughing moose

- laughing

- smiling dog

Laughter stimulates the immune system and boosts infection-fighting processes. It also decreases pain and provides a distraction from stressful situations.

• Associate with funny people who make you laugh.

• Try deep breathing, meditation, or yoga.

• Avoid brooding about your condition. Focus your attention on other things instead.


The material provided here is for informational purposes only. It should not replace proper medical treatment, advice, or diagnosis. Always consult your doctor and other health-care providers, as appropriate, before consuming any medications, supplements, or natural remedies; or before altering your diet. Discuss all your symptoms, plans, and medical conditions with your physician.

Any application of the ideas contained in this article is at your own risk, discretion, and responsibility. There are no representations or warranties, either express or implied, and the author assumes no liability for any of the information presented.

You should not begin or discontinue medical treatment based on information contained in this, or any other, article.

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